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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

At Two Bostons this weekend (5/17 – 5/20) we are having our Annual Toy Buy Back.  For each gently-used toy you bring in you can get up to $5.00 credit to purchase a new toy that day. (click here to see all of the details)  Here are a few toys to consider for Summer Fun!

Orbee GuRu by Planet Dog ~ This new interactive, super durable toy is perfect for the dog that needs a new challenge. Fill each of the 5 openings with something different like kibble, bully sticks, carrots, apples, Planet Dog Treats (like the Turkey Gobbler or Barkin’ Blueberry), peanut butter or a your dog’s favorite treat. The GuRu is designed for your dog to get the treats when enough pressure is applied for them to pop out. It scores a 5 out of 5 on the Durability Scale!

American Classic Plush Toys by P.L.A.Y. ~ Let your dog indulge with an amazing plush burger, drumstick, hot dog and fries this summer! And don’t forget the milkshake for them to wash it down…They are all have crinkly paper inside and most have detachable parts to keep your dog entertained for hours!


Tether Tug ~ Check out Beamer trying out the Tether Tug!  This is the perfect outdoor toy to keep your dog busy and active!


Breath Right Fetch Ball by Chuckit! ~ The Breath Right Fetch Ball is designed to allow your dog to run farther and fetch longer during playtime. The hollow, mesh-like design allows breathing and airflow while running and fetching. It is great for the pool or lake, because it floats! It is compatible with all Chuckit! Launchers and is available in two sizes.

Ultra Ball Launcher by Chuckit! ~ With this ball launcher you won’t have to worry about arm fatigue, because it will allow you to throw up to 140 feet with the flick of the wrist! Plus, no more getting your hands all slobbery, you can pickup the ball without touching it!

There are several other toys that are sure to keep your dog entertained this Summer, indoors and outdoors!  Check out our full selection online or at any of our stores!



Does your dog have a Fluff & Tuff Plush Toy? Not yet? Well, let me tell you why you should give one of these tough plush toys to your pup!fluff-tuff-logo

First the company itself is fantastic!  They were founded in 2010 and are still family owned and operated in their home state of Michigan.  They have very high standards, which is why we love them so much, because as you know we have very high standards for all of our products. They are committed to the quality and safety of their products, providing exceptional customer service and giving back through product donations.  They are proud of the superior quality of our the products and go to great lengths to maintain those high standards for the retailers and customers.

Ok so now about the toys…All of the Fluff & Tuff toys feature:

  • Custom designs
  • A stitched pouch inside the toys holds the durable squeaker and some with multiple squeakers to keep dogs entertained even longer!
  • Unique, ultra-plush outer fabric
  • Thick, durable TuffWeb™ mesh liner to make it durable against your tough chewer.
  • All seams are concealed, generously folded and double stitched
  • New, non-toxic poly fill placed for optimal shaping and play-ability
  • For safety, the eyes are embroidered
  • Machine Washable – please check over first for any small holes or tears and wash in a moderate temperature.  Air dry or machine dry on low.


They don’t claim to be indestructible – no plush toy can be – their goal is to simply combine superior quality materials with proven construction specifications to create the most durable plush toy on the market today!

Fluff & Tuff toys come in many shapes and sizes…so there is sure to be one for your chewing, playing machine!

Pick up a Fluff & Tuff toy during the week of Sept. 11 – Sept. 17, 2016 and get an additional 50 entries per toy purchased to WIN the $1,000 Shopping Spree at Two Bostons!  See you soon!

If you want to find out more solutions to help out your heavy chewer, join us for our Heavy Chewers Seminar on Sunday, Sept. 18th at 1:00 pm at Two Bostons-Burr Ridge or at 4:30 pm at Two Bostons-Springbrook.  Visit our Events Webpage for more information.



Plush toys can be a hit-or-miss thing with many dogs. One minute, they’re carrying it around the house lovingly, snuggling with it at night – and the next second, your living room has been transformed into a stuffing-filled war zone and poor Teddy is headed right to the trash. Why do dogs insist on utterly DESTROYING their most beloved toys? Simple – it’s in their nature! Our pups love with everything they’ve got.

It’s also hard sometimes to remember that our dogs are descendents of wild animals (especially when we pamper and spoil them as much as we do) — but just like animals in the wild, dogs have instincts that come naturally to them. One instinct that many dogs have, in varying degrees, is the instinct to burrow and to hunt for prey. Since they don’t normally have access to wild animals, though, what ends up becoming their prey? Their stuffed toys – most often, the squeaker!

Yes, the squeaker is usually the culprit that drives dogs insane and prompts them to rip their beloved stuffed toys to pieces. When a dog discovers that this noisy device is concealed inside their toy, it becomes an overriding goal for them to get it — and they don’t care what brightly colored fabric gets in their way. Think of most squeakers as buried treasure for your pup – and once they unearth their prize, they normally have little use for the toy anymore and move on to the next game. For my girl Shenzi, the “next game” usually involves me chasing her around the house, trying to get the squeaker before she chews and swallows it. Remember, that’s rule number one when it comes to playtime – once the toy is destroyed or broken, take it away immediately. Failure to do so could turn playtime into a scary choking situation very quickly!


I have to admit, sometimes it’s heartbreaking to throw away the super-adorable toys Shenzi destroys — but this is why I love Go-Dog toys. Made by Quaker Pet Group — the same company that brings you the blissfully quiet Hear Doggy toys we’ve mentioned previously — these adorable plush companions have been created for very dedicated chewers. What makes them so durable? The “chew guard technology” inside the toy, which is an elastic nylon that actually makes it harder for dogs to rip through the fabric. In fact, all these toys include outer tags showing an example of that nylon attached to the toy, so you can feel for yourself just how incredibly strong and stretchy the material actually is. Another thing I love about these toys is the fact that many of them have very little stuffing, so if your dog eventually does manage to get through the outer layer (and I always remind people that dogs have very powerful jaws – many will get through most toys eventually), you don’t have THAT big of a mess to clean up. In addition to all these reasons, you’ll end up wanting a Go-Dog collection at your house because all the toys are just so stinkin’ adorable! Shenzi’s personal favorite is her blue platypus (see them snuggling above, left), but there are a number of cute plushies including dragons (above, right), dinosaurs, alligators, roosters, even a super-sweet corduroy hen your dog will LOVE to throw around and play with.

So next time you’re searching for an extra-durable plush toy your beloved pup will adore, give Go-Dog a try. I bet you’ll want to get a whole bunch more – I definitely did!



Do you have a dog that loves to play with just about any ball-shaped object? Will he run and fetch till he’s totally exhausted? My son’s dog Buck, a 110 lb chocolate Lab, will chase a ball until he can’t even stand up – and then he lies down with the ball next to him. The problem with having such a lively dog is that any ball used during his fetching sessions tends to end up destroyed before long. Well, we have found a super-durable solution to the problem: the Unbreakoball by Ardwin Products.

Unlike tennis balls, which have numerous dangers as discussed in a previous blog, the Unbreakoball is made right here in the United States of high-density polyethylene plastic … also known as a really, really tough material. As a matter of fact, it’s so tough the manufacturer actually warranties the Unbreakoball against breakage. Another great thing about the Unbreakoball is that it is available in two different sizes. There’s the original 6″ diameter Unbreakoball, which is 3 times larger than a baseball and recommended for dogs under seventy pounds. Then there’s the 10″ diameter “Big Daddy” size. This is the same size as a basketball, and great for your bigger pups. Both sizes are too large to get lodged between your pup’s teeth — or even worse, caught in his throat.

The Ubreakoball is designed with holes drilled through the ball and spaced at intervals — perforated, kind of like a wiffle ball. This makes it just about impossible for any dog to bite through. At first, most pups will have fun pushing the ball around with their noses and swatting it with their paws. But after a bit of practice, they’ll learn to pick up the Unbreakoball – and once they’ve picked it up, they won’t be able to exert the jaw pressure required to go through it. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean your Unbreakoball will remain in pristine condition. Take, for example, Buck with his Unbreakoball. He’s definitely given it his best shot over the past six months, but the worst he’s been able to do is scratch it up (and collect a little bit of backyard mud and grass along the way).




One last thing: If your arm should tire out from throwing the Unbreakoball before your pup grows tires of playing with it – a likely scenario — the holes are just the right size to let you insert a few tasty treats. This will keep your dog busy and happily entertained while you grab yourself a well-earned, ice cold drink.

If you have questions or would like to check out the Unbreakoball for yourself, just stop by one of our stores with your favorite canine companion. I can usually be found at our Springbrook location, but anyone on our Team would be more than happy to help!

Hi Everyone. Heather, Lilu, and Ahsoka here to share some great news about these amazing toys we started spending time with! They’re called Chelsy’s Toys. Although we’ve never met Chelsy in real life, she’s a real-life local pup and has several characteristics in common with many dogs we know — including Lilu and Ahsoka. Tough chewers and dogs who love to pull, throw, and play with any type of rope toy must be somehow related to my two girls!

Chelsy is a lovely American Pitbull with an incredible amount of energy. She was born on July 4, 2005 and met her new parents only 6 weeks later. Lisa Freeman is Chelsy’s mom, and the creator and owner of Chelsy’s Toys. She quickly realized that a tough, durable toy was needed ASAP as toy after toy was ripped to shreds, stuffing was pulled out, and squeakers were destroyed. So Lisa cleverly decided to try out her own idea … and Chelsy LOVES it!

Based out of Wheaton IL, Chelsy’s Toys models its hand-crafted tug toys after the popular rope toy, but they’re made with a recycled material that does not fray. This greatly reduces the chance of frayed pieces being swallowed. What makes Chelsy’s Toys so incredibly tough? They make use of a patented knotting construction that will withstand pulling and chewing … yet the material used is soft and gentle on canine teeth and owner’s hands! So not only is this toy durable, but it’s ideal for tugging and chewing. This helps with that stubborn plaque buildup on your dogs’ teeth. It’s also ideal for younger pups who are teething.

Chelsys Toys Pups

Chelsy (left) probably never suspected that her sweet personality and tough-chewing tendencies would inspire mom Lisa to launch a super-durable product line enjoyed by active pups everywhere!


Founder and owner Lisa Freeman is a major supporter of accredited rescue groups and local trainers. As a result, a percentage of proceeds from Chelsy’s Toys go straight to Pit Bull, Dachshund, and Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue groups. Lisa also has huge plans to work with additional animal welfare groups as her company continues to expand.

The toy itself comes in several sizes, ranging from Small to Big Daddy size (for those pups who are 55 pounds or larger). Depending on toy size, thickness ranges between 2.5” – 3” and length ranges between 5” – 14”. One of my favorite things to do with Chelsy’s Toys is to dip them in water, freeze them, and give them to Lilu and Ahsoka on these hot summer days as a cool chew toy. It’s great to know that you can just throw each one directly into the washing machine when it gets too dirty (like mine do when they’re pulled around in the mud after these crazy storms we’ve had)!

So for a fun, super-durable chew and tug toy that was created locally by a woman-owned business, bring your furry friend to any of our Two Bostons locations and pick up your Chelsy’s Toy today!


Have you ever bought a new squeaky toy that you were super-excited to give it to your dog – only to discover a couple days later the squeaker was broken? When this happens, the dog often has no interest in the toy and it gets nosed aside like stale kibble. But have no fear! This frustrating problem is solved by Invincibles squeak toys. These are part of the extra-durable Plush Puppies line designed by Kyjen.

An Invincible squeak toy contains no stuffing, and still has the ability to squeak even after the squeakers have been punctured. Why? Because its squeakers can refill with air even when they’re perforated. Each toy also features extra-tough, double-layered seams that are perfect for enthusiastic chewers. While no toy is 100% resistant to wear and tear, these toys are pretty darn close!

Invincibles come in a snake and a super-cute gecko design. The snake is available in size Small or Large, in either green or red. Size Small is 22.5 inches long and has 3 squeakers inside; while size Large is 36.5 inches long and has 6 squeakers inside for double the fun. The gecko is available with 2 or 4 squeakers inside, and comes in either blue or orange.

I have two dogs, a German Shepherd named Maya and a German Shepherd mix named Macy. Macy absolutely loves squeaky toys, but she always seemed able to break the squeakers in the toys. After she broke them and ripped the toy apart, we would either have to throw it away or she’d lose interest. When I brought home a red Invincible squeak snake, Macy was ecstatic. She loves to run around with the toy in her mouth, and even cuddles with it! She especially loves the fact that it contains 6 separate squeakers! Sometimes she will just lie down and squeak every single one.


Squeaker-free GoughNuts (left) and super-squeaky Invincibles are tremendously tough for hours of tail-waggin’ tossing, tugging, and chewing. Macy (center) also gives her Invincibles snake extra points just for being so snuggly.

As long as you’re exploring toys that last awhile, check out our fresh-and-fun GoughNuts! These toys don’t squeak, yet they’re still pretty close to invincible. GoughNuts are designed for dedicated chewers, with a serious focus on safety. Developed by polymer engineers and made in the USA of natural rubber, GoughNuts leverage a patent-pending “green means GO, red means STOP” design. So in the very rare case that your pooch happens to chew through to the red color on the inside of the toy (see above), simply take the toy away, take a picture of it, and send it to the manufacturer. Guess what? You get a brand new Goughnut! This is part of the manufacturer’s unlimited warranty. GoughNuts come in several fun shapes and colors, and float at water level for those pups who love to swim.

Why not get both of these toys together? They’ll give your pup practically indestructible options that will ensure years of safe, healthy, energetic play. For more firsthand ideas and suggestions from our Team, visit any Two Bostons store — and bring your furry friend along. Happy squeaking!