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Is this what your dog thinks?


Now, we’re all about cuddling and snuggling here; however, we do value a good night’s sleep as well. And, clearly, we know the dog ALWAYS wins when it comes to a covers war.

That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to stock the best beds we can find so that your favorite fur friend has a place to go NEAR your bed at night. (Or, any time of day, really.)

One of our favorite beds is the Donut Bed by Bowser.

We love this bed for many reasons. It’s easy to keep clean…we mean like unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine easy to clean. It’s filled with a “high fill” so the bed maintains its shape and cushiness for a VERY long time. AND it’s cover is very durable.

We stock sizes from extra small to extra large at both of our stores in a variety of patterns. Additionally, Bowser has fabric choices to match any decor that can be ordered just for you! Yes, a custom bed, just for your pooch. How cool is that?

Another favorite of ours is the Double Donut Bed by Bowser.

All the same benefits of the Donut Bed, with an extra bolster. PERFECT for dogs who love to snuggle and cuddle. It’s luxury at it’s finest for your fur friend.

So, if you’re looking at this post thinking…”hmmm…I wonder if I’d sleep better at night with more room in the bed?” The answer is, “Yes. Yes you would.”

The next time you wake up with a stiff back and decide it’s time to get your furry family members a bed of their own, definitely consider our Bowser Beds. They are:

*Fully machine washable

*7-8 times more durable than a regular cotton fabric due to the nylon that is woven into the material


*There are several dozens (and dozens!) of great fabrics to choose from to match your home decor just right

You and Fido will LOVE it!



This might be my favorite tip of all. I love to play hard, but I also love to rest! Lazing around on a Sunday afternoon is heaven to me.

Tip number 7: Get your beauty rest!

It is so important for a gal to get enough beauty rest. I love to sleep on my Double Donut Bed by Bowser. It is so comfortable and really helps me unwind.

I love all the fun colors and patterns available. Right now, I’m really into the milano pattern, but I like to change it up every once in a while. My Mom and Dad have a bunch of them at the stores, but you can check out all the neat options by clicking right here.

I’m going to go stretch out right now. Have a restful day!