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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

We carry SO many unique and awesome toys at Two Bostons -– there’s an option for every type of pup (and kitty) personality! It’s true that these toys, all by themselves, can make playtime a blast for your pet … but remember, most pets (especially dogs) love when YOU take part in the game as well. With our fall weather getting a little more rainy and unpredictable, here are a couple of energetic playtime ideas that are big favorites at my house. The best part is, they’re great for both indoor and outdoor play, any time of year!

Monkey in the Middle
Remember this game when you were a kid? Well, it’s also great fun (and great exercise) for your dog! This is an ideal game for canines who like to chase flying objects -– even those who don’t naturally retrieve. It’s also perfect for families, because there’s no limit to the number of humans who can play along. Simply stand about 7-10 feet apart (or in a circle, if there are three or more of you), and randomly flip a favorite toy or ball to each other while calling to your canine in an enthusiastic voice. A wonderful furniture-safe indoor toy for this game is Canine Hardware‘s fluffy, lightweight Chuck It Indoor Roller. Our own pups also adore any Planet Dog Orbee ball; and for super-tugger Maizy we use Tuffy’s amazingly durable Mega Junior Ring. Whichever toy you choose, just make sure to “miss” it once in awhile, so your pup has a chance to actually pick up the toy and play along. When you call to your pup and he brings the toy over, he (naturally!) earns a tiny treat or belly rub. This is a fantastic game for high-energy breeds like Jack Russells. Plus, if you keep it up long enough, many non-fetchers will even begin to exhibit fetching behavior once they figure out it’s such a blast!

Bow-Wow Basketball
Here’s an incredibly fun and easy way to interact indoors with your pup on a cold, blustery fall day. Grab a wastebasket, or an empty box. OR, if you want to get really fancy, head over to the toy store and pick up a toddler-sized basketball hoop — even the kind you can suction-cup to a door or wall. Place your “hoop” of choice in a place that’s about chest-level for your furry friend. Then, simply work on teaching your pup to drop his favorite ball into the basket for a treat! Once your dog gets good at doing this, you can step it up a notch: Toss a soft ball or plush toy to your pooch, and have him work on nose-tapping it into the basket for an extra-special reward. Our brood’s paws-down favorite in this category would be soft-and-chewy Cloud Star Bacon and Cheese Madness. If we offered our dogs enough of these, they could probably learn to pass and do layups.


Looking for more ideas? Stop by any Two Bostons, and ask us about super-fun toys (and creative playtime suggestions) that can help keep your favorite furry friend engaged, active, and energized no matter what Mother Nature might throw our way this year!