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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Our pals over at Hugglehounds have been busy! They’ve made some awesome new toys that we are thrilled to have on our shelves for your pooch! I’m going to show you two right now.

Do you have an antler chewer? Check out the Might Moose:

This durable rubber toy is an excellent way for your pup to have fun. It’s designed to handle tons of chewing because:

there is a spot for you to place an antler right through it’s head!

Hold the phone! It bounces too!

And, there is a spot at the bottom of the toy for you to fill with small treats, kibble, peanut butter or pet fairy noshers:

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough fun…the Mighty Moose comes complete with an antler:

This is really the ultimate treat toy that will keep your pal busy and engaged for hours!

Next, check out these wacky creatures:

We carry them in two sizes and they are super floppy and super fun durable plush toys with a new technology called “x-brace”. What is x-brace? Well, the opposite leg and arm are one continuous piece of material that is knotted in the center of the belly.  When they are pulled, a knot in the body forms an “x” making it more difficult to lose a limb.

They are really great to toss around and have a quick game of tug, plus, they have squeakers!

We’ve got these awesome new finds on the shelves for you today at both of our Two Bostons locations. So head on over and check them out today, and be sure to check back tomorrow for two more great finds from Hugglehounds.


Have you heard about this great new chew that we are carrying?

What is it? Well, it’s beef trachea. Yep. That’s it. Beef trachea.

Why would you want to give your dog a beef trachea chew?

Well, to start, it is an excellent natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine, which is really great in helping with joint health. Even if you have a young dog, it is never too early to promote healthy joints. And, these chews are are made from free-range South American cattle, making it a really high quality chew.

Also, there are no chemicals or bleach used in the drying process, making it a safe alternative to virtually any rawhide chew. Many rawhide chews use formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals to assist in the drying process. This is not something you want your dog to ingest.

Finally, the hollow shape of the trachea gives your dog a new and interesting shape to chew. It will not shard or splinter and is an excellent way to help promote healthy teeth and gums. Plus, the chewing action will help your dog to use muscles that are not generally used when eating kibble or even a raw diet. It mimics a chewing action found in nature, thereby allowing your dog to connect with his or her carnivorous roots.

Check out this video for more great information!

If your dog enjoys chewing on bully sticks, deer antlers, himalayan chews, or anything really, you should consider changing things up occasionally with this chew. Stop by one of our stores and check them out today. Your dog will thank you.


We all know that dogs LOVE to chew. We have some amazing options available for you to choose from at Two Bostons. I wanted to show you this one today. Are you familiar with this product?

These are deer antler chews by Buckarooz and Diesel absolutely loves them!

They are just what they sound like. Deer antlers…from naturally shed deer antlers. They don’t splinter and the point has been shaved down so it is safe for any size dog. Since it is an antler, and nothing else, it contains no preservatives, antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or animal-by-products. It also is a great source of calcium.

The packaging in our store looks like this right now:

Sorry the antler isn’t in there…but the second I walk in the door with one of these this happens:

Obviously, I use the largest size for my guy; however, we do have them in several sizes…so if you want a long lasting chew for any size dog, check these out.

One thing I will say is that people sometimes come in and say their dog doesn’t want the antler. They don’t have an actual flavor per se. We suggest soaking it for a while in chicken stock to add some flavor. Usually this takes care of the problem and makes this a favorite treat.

One of these antlers will last Diesel a few weeks, depending on how long I let him chew. It’s a great, long lasting treat for him.