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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Guess what! Just a few more days until my party.

Here is my Top Ten Tip Number 4: It is important to stay active!


One of my favorite ways to get enough exercise is to play with my Dad. My favorite toy is the Chase It. I love to, well, chase it!

I love how fun this toy is! You can see how much fun I have in this video:

Daisy and Dad Playing

Isn’t that cool! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


Hey there! Daisy here with my Top Ten Tip Number 5:

Keep that coat CLEAN!

I love to soap up with Gorgeous Dog from the Bobbi Panter line. It is very gentle as it is sodium laural sulphate free, but it keeps me smelling amazing — like peaches! YUM!

I adore lounging in my bubble bath and really appreciate that I have such a great shampoo to keep me clean.

My Mom and Dad have a very large variety of superb products to make bath time a great experience. Check them out here.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Hey Everyone! Daisy again with tip number 6: Keep those teeth in tip top shape!

I love to use Petz Life Oral Care Gel. It is an enzyme based gel that helps me fight plaque and tartar. (Plus it keeps my breath nice and fresh!) Having a nice smile keeps me young, and having strong, ealthy teeth allow me to continue eating well.

And really, let’s face it… I do love to eat well!

I’m getting so excited about my party! I can’t believe it’s already less than a week away! I do hope you’ll stop by the 75th street store on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. I know there will be cake (for people and pets), games and special prizes too!



This might be my favorite tip of all. I love to play hard, but I also love to rest! Lazing around on a Sunday afternoon is heaven to me.

Tip number 7: Get your beauty rest!

It is so important for a gal to get enough beauty rest. I love to sleep on my Double Donut Bed by Bowser. It is so comfortable and really helps me unwind.

I love all the fun colors and patterns available. Right now, I’m really into the milano pattern, but I like to change it up every once in a while. My Mom and Dad have a bunch of them at the stores, but you can check out all the neat options by clicking right here.

I’m going to go stretch out right now. Have a restful day!


Hello Everyone! I have a very special birthday coming up and I’m letting you all in on my beauty secrets!

A girl has got to eat right to stay in shape.

I love to eat raw food. It helps to keep my weight down. Eating grain free is very important too.

Ahem, older (and wiser) joints sometimes get a little inflamed. Grains in food can really exacerbate inflammation in my joints. So eating well helps me to stay in shape and keeps my mobility at it’s peak.

My Mom and Dad have done a lot of research on this and they have really been good about letting the whole team down at both stores in on all the information too. They know that each pet has a different digestive system and that food is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Be sure to stop in or call and anyone there will be thrilled to help you figure out what type of food would be best for your pet’s diet.

You can check this page out to see some of the different type of raw foods they have. And check this page out to see some of the different types of grain free foods they have. Like I said, it can be confusing, so don’t be shy about asking questions.

Well, that is my first tip for Aging Gracefully. Check back tomorrow for number 9!


Daisy turns 10 this month! It’s hard to believe but it is true.

Looking for Birthday Products – Check out our Most Popular Options

So, yes. Yes you do smell birthday cake!

Starting this Thursday, she will be posting her Top 10 Tips on aging gracefully.

These are tried and true secrets that keep her young and healthy. You will not want to miss a single post!

Also, we are hosting a birthday bash in her honor at the 75th street store location on Sunday, August 14th from 2 to 4 PM. There will be tons of fun surprises for both people and pets so you will want to save the date!