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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Anyone who knows us at Two Bostons understands we’re cat-level-picky about what we choose to put on our shelves. If it’s not good enough for our pets then it’s definitely not good enough for yours. We all go above and beyond for our furry family, so wouldn’t you expect the brands you buy to do the same? That’s why we love working with companies like Zignature Dog Food–not only is their food great, but their philosophies are, too!

First and foremost, everything Zignature makes is done from the intention of mirroring a dog’s ancestral diet. That means meat, meat, and more meat! Fruits and veggies do tend to make an appearance, but meat is always the first ingredient, just like it should be. They understand that a dog’s natural instinct and body structure is what should always be listened to–and they do their best to remind consumers of that. There’s a concerning new trend of pet parents trying to give their animals vegetarian and vegan diets due to misinformation being spread around the internet; but Zignature, like many other brands, are making their beliefs explicitly clear: just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean your dog should be. Yes, dogs can definitely benefit from fruits and vegetables, but there is no way they can get all the proper nutrients needed from just those things alone. They need quality meat–just like what Zignature provides.

Transparency is important when it comes to picking the right food for your dog, and in addition to Zignature’s open stance on vegan/vegetarian diets, they also make it easy for users to understand where their food comes from and why it’s great for their dog. We especially love the “ingredients” section of their website, where they have an easy to navigate grid of everything they use in their truest form and brief paragraphs detailing its dietary importance. While web-design might seem like a nit-picky detail, it’s actually a pretty important tool to the pet parents who like to do a little extra research.

Another thing that’s cool about Zignature is its wide variety of flavors. Between their wet and dry foods, there are over 30 different recipes to choose from, ranging from traditional meals such as turkey and pork to dishes a bit more exotic, like kangaroo. We know 30+ recipes might sound daunting, but Zignature food is actually made with the intention of having your dogs sample as many flavors as possible without getting a tummy ache! That’s because having variation in a pet’s diet is crucial…so yes, we know you’re totally curious about the kangaroo, and yes, your dog can give it a try without risking digestive issues!

Thinking about switching to Zignature, now? We don’t blame you! They’re such a great brand and certainly perfect for pups who love it when you switch things up.

At Two Bostons during the month of January get Weruva Classic Cat Cans for 20% off!!  Spoil your kitty this month and stock up.  This cat food is one of our favorites and can very easily become your cats too!

First, we love their story…named after their three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi and Vanessa the Forman’s were on the search for “The Best Cat Food Under the Sun” and didn’t seem to find what they wanted, so they got the best ingredients from around the world and created WeRuVa! After adopting their dog Baron they started to expand into dog food.

Second, the food is produced in a human food facility…using most of the ingredients and processes that are used in food we consume. Weruva’s base proteins of chicken, beef and fish include only top-quality muscle meat, such as white breast chicken, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef. Fresh vegetables and other unique items like Grilled skipjack, tilapia, red bigeye tuna and more are added.

Third, when you open a can of Weruva…you will notice that the ingredients maintain a natural look and recognizable texture, so you can see and understand the ingredients!  They start by flaking the fleshy, meaty cuts off the bone and hand place them into the cans. You see what you get!!

Fourth, Grain Free Greatness…All recipes are grain, GMO, MSG and Carrageenan FREE. Because Weluvya Cat Cans is the original in their brand, featuring boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken and fish loins. Chicken formulas are free of fish, and fish formulas are free of chicken.  All are protein focused and low in fat. You can also get a variety of different recipes to keep your kitty loving every meal time!

We hope that you will love Weruva as much as we do.  If you have more questions, feel free to ask any of our educated team members.



Hey there! Meg here, back with another post in my series of Diesel’s Diet. Today I am opening a can of Born Free.

You may be familiar with the kibble version of Born Free; however, what you may not know is that they also manufacture a can food.

They come in four flavors that your pooch will love…Beef, Duck, Chicken & Turkey, and Salmon.

I opened the can of Beef today for Diesel, and as you can tell, he could have cared less…

NOT! He would not leave me alone.

Let’s get started so I can give the poor boy his food.

This can has a really easy open pop top, which I love as I don’t have to dirty my can opener.

The food is grain free and gluten free, and looks similar to a pate.

However, you can see some nice pieces of potato and carrots in there. And, as you know, I always let you know about the smell. This can smelled like…well, beef. It didn’t really smell like dog food. Which I find as a huge bonus and I believe you will too.

As you can see, the first ingredient is beef and the second is beef liver followed by vegetables. There is a handy feeding guideline so you can figure out exactly how much to feed your fur friend.

One of my favorite reasons to add canned food into Diesel’s diet is the extra moisture it adds into his body. This can has 78.0% moisture content which is really excellent in making certain he has what he needs.

The other thing I love about this Born Free can is how they stand by what they make. Their food is fresh, wholesome, holistic and healthy…and they are willing to refund your money if you don’t agree.

I do have to say that Diesel and I don’t think that will be necessary.



You’ve been hearing us say for a long time now that you should be rotating your dog’s food. Feeding your dog one type of food for too long can lead to problems with allergies, improper nutrition, boredom, and car chases complete with explosions and stand offs with the SWAT team. (Well, probably not the last one; but the first three for sure!)

“But Meg, my dog has a sensitive stomach! I can’t rotate!” you say.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can and should rotate. And, I’ve got something to help.

It’s called Switch.


It’s pumpkin.

Yes, it’s pumpkin.

Why pumpkin?

Well, for two reasons really. Pumpkin helps with both constipation AND diarrhea.


Yes, it’s true. Pumpkin is kind of like the wonder drug when it comes to helping out with ~ahem~ poop. And, let’s face it, most likely the number one reason you are afraid to rotate your dog’s food is that you don’t want to mess with that mess. (Literally…mess with that mess.) And, I completely understand. I’m sure we all remember my recent need for the steam cleaner. But thanks for not mentioning that.

Let me tell you a little bit about how Switch can help you avoid messing with that mess.

First, pumpkins have a high water and fiber content and can act to hydrate the intestines (and what’s in there) when dogs are constipated.  Second, the soluble fiber in pumpkins helps absorb excess water in there that the body didn’t absorb properly, so it helps with diarrhea too. So it really packs a one, two punch and covers all your concerns.

As you know, I feed Diesel a mostly raw and dehydrated diet. I recently realized that with our crazy summer schedule, kibble would be a great option. However, I was concerned about his daily water intake and the fact that kibble has the least amount of moisture. Also, I was concerned about changing his diet.

So, I decided to add Switch into the mix.

I grabbed some Nutrisca and some Switch.

I added 70% of the kibble I would normally feed him and 30% of the Switch to his bowl.

Then I mixed it well so he wouldn’t just eat the Switch (because he’s sneaky like that)

And, wouldn’t you know…

Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you.

Here’s another great thing about Switch. It’s moisture content is 90.0%! Awesome! I don’t have to worry as much about him not drinking enough when Switch is added to his food.

So, next time you’re in, check out the new food you’ve been afraid to try and grab some Switch. Will it bring about world peace? Probably not…however, it will make rotating your dog’s food easier. And, isn’t that kind of just as good?

Ok, here it is…the last post on canned dog food. Today I am opening Beef Tripett by Tripett.

What is this particular type of food? Well, it is green beef tripe. No, it isn’t the color green…it just means that the tripe is pure and unbleached. Tripett contains the highest quality human grade sources of tripe and, honestly, if your pet was a wild animal, this is what he or she would instinctively want to feed on.



What are the benefits to feeding your pet Tripett?

  1. Cleaner teeth
  2. Better digestive system
  3. Healthy skin & coat
  4. Improved eating habits
  5. Rejuvenation of older dogs
  6. Healthy & nutritious for growing puppies
  7. Solution for sensitive stomachs.

I’m going to be completely honest here, the scent of this particular canned food is NOT for the faint of heart. AdreAnne warned me, and boy oh boy, she was not kidding. There is a strong and distinctive aroma to this particular food. That being said, Diesel WENT WILD when he got a whiff of it and I almost couldn’t finish taking pictures because he kept trying to get the food.

It’s also not the prettiest food I’ve shown you. It is certainly a solid consistency and easy to break apart; however, you will want to do that quickly and walk away. But, it does have my favored pull top tab opener, so at least opening the can was a snap.

One of the most amazing things to me about this product was that I couldn’t even get an action shot of Diesel eating it. By the time I adjusted my camera, he had licked the bowl clean. So, in terms of the aroma, at least is was very short lived in my house.

Although this could certainly be mixed with kibble, it wasn’t as wet of a gravy as some of the other cans I’ve opened for you. It was solid enough to feed as a stand alone, and clearly from his reaction, I am going to have to rotate it into his diet.

I certainly hope this series has been informative for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to either post them here or stop by either of our Two Bostons locations and our team members can get your dog on the right food path.


Hey there! I’m back again today and opening two more cans of food for you to see. Today we have samples from Taste of the Wild and Merrick Whole Earth Farms. Both of these cans are grain free and contain healthy proteins and fruits and vegetables for your pooch.

Let’s start by opening the can from Taste of the Wild. As you can see, we have my favored nifty pull-top tab. (I honestly don’t know what my aversion is to the can opener…I think I’m just a sucker for a time saver.)

I have the High Prairie Dog variety here today. It has a mixture of protein sources, such as bison, venison, and lamb; along with a variety of fruits and vegetables mixed in.

As you can see, the first ingredient is the protein source…which I love.

Here is the inside of the can:

You can see all the gravy and, yes, those are chunks of potato. The odor was slightly gamey and a bit stronger than some of the other cans I’ve opened; however, I can assure you that did not detract Diesel from chowing down on this food.

And here it is in the bowl. You’ll notice that the meat pieces are whole and not like a pureed at all. Though, the pieces are very soft, so if you have an older or smaller dog, there should be no problem chewing these (but that is just my opinion, you may wish to cut them a bit smaller if you think you need to.)

This would be a great option to feed solo or mixed into a dry kibble to add some moisture. The gravy seems to add a nice “juicy” quality to the food.

Moving on, I’m opening this can from the Whole Earth Farm line by Merrick.

Again, we have the protein source as the first ingredient.

This product mixes protein sources as well. We’ve got some chicken, duck and buffalo with a whole lot of veggies.

Again, we’ve got a pull top tab to get into the can and here’s what it looks like inside:

The first thing I noticed was that the protein sources are a little more blended in this can. It was deceiving, because I didn’t think there would be much in the way of chunkiness when I put it in the bowl. But when I did, this is what I got:

Although the meat was considerably more blended than the previous can, the chunks of veggies were still in there. I think this added a nice texture to the meal for Diesel. This can was slightly less “wet” than some of the other cans I’ve opened and I think it would make a great stand alone meal. You could certainly mix it in with kibble too; however, it may end up being a bit more clumpy (again, that is just my opinon.) The smell of this can was slightly pungent, but not offensive. Diesel really liked it too.

Well, there you have it. Both of these options are a great choice to add into your dog’s diet rotation. I have one more can coming to you in the next post and then we’ll be moving on to another type of food for you to see. Please feel free to stop by either of the Two Bostons stores and ask any questions you have on any of the posts you’ve seen.

We are going to look inside two more great canned options today. Both are by Evanger’s and both look like an actual stew rather than dog food. Today’s offering is Lamb Chunks Dinner in Gravy and Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy. The way Evanger’s makes their meals is to pack the cans with raw foods in their own natural juices. Then the food is gently cooked inside the can to minimize the handling and seal in the nutrients. The Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy is actually packed by hand!

I’m going to start with the Lamb Chunks.

Notice my favored pull top tab? Both of these cans have it.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the can was the pleasant smell. Yes, it really was. The next thing I noticed was the full pieces of real food. This was clearly not overly processed.

Here is the meal in the bowl. It did not last long. I have a larger dog and he had no problem with the size of the pieces; however, I would assume if your dog is under, say 10 lbs or so, you may need to break the chunks up a bit for easier eating.

Let’s move on to the Braised Beef Chunks.

Again, loving the pull top tab.

Here is the inside. I think it’s great that this particular food is hand packed by a person. Again, the smell was pleasant. More like food than dog food.

And here it is in the bowl for you to see. This particular food broke apart very easily upon scooping out of the can. Again, it did not last long at all.

Both of these options are really great additions to your feeding rotation either on their own, or as a way to add moisture to a kibble based diet.

Today we are moving on to four really great options if you are considering canned food for your dog. This food is great for adding moisture into your dog’s diet. It will add the necessary moisture when feeding a kibble based diet, or when standing alone. The foods we choose to carry are all gently processed so they are packed with the highest nutritional value possible. These foods that I am showcasing today all have one thing in common…their first ingredient is the protein source (meat) and they are all grain-free with no fillers.

On the table today, we have Evanger’s Grain-Free Pheasant, Fromm Shredded Pork Entree, Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit Formula, and BG (Before Grain) Buffalo by Merrick.

As you can see, all of these cans have my favorite pull top tabs. I cannot stress how much easier this is when feeding my dog. It is so quick and clean.

I’m going to start by opening the can of Evanger’s:


It looks a bit like pate to me. But you can definitely see the meat.

I wanted to show you why you can see the meat…because that is all that is in there. Meat.

When you scoop it out of the can and break it up you can really see the quality of the meat. There was no offensive odor, in fact, it smelled like people food. This is a great option if you want to mix up the protein source. Diesel really liked the pheasant.

The next canned option I’m opening for you is from Fromm.

The first thing I noticed about the food was the vegetables in with the meat. Again, this food had a more pate like quality in the can; however,

once I scooped it out into the bowl, I could really see the shredded pork (and veggies). The whole pieces of food showed me how minimal the processing really is.

You can see that the first three ingredients are pork, water, and carrots. Protein, moisture, and vegetables. The smell was not “dog foody” at all and went super quick when offered to my assistant.

Moving on, I am going to open Nature’s Variety for you.

This is a grain and gluten free option. It is 95% meat and liver and 5% vegetables.

You’ll notice the first ingredients are protein and this food is really boosted with vitamins.

You’ll notice that I poured off the liquid to photograph the food in the can. Again, the meal resembled pate to me. The liquid encased the meal, so you’ll want to be cautious when opening the can. This made me think that Nature’s Variety would be a wonderful option if you were specifically looking for a type of “gravy” to moisten kibble.

Once I scooped the food out of the can, I mixed it in the bowl with the liquid. You can really see the meat and veggies in this one too. Like I said, this would be a great option to mix with kibble. The odor was really not offensive. It smelled fresh and was eaten very quickly.

The last can I’m going to show you today is a line called BG (Before Grain) from Merrick:

Diesel got to try the Buffalo. This is a great option to add premium protein to your dog’s diet rotation.

Again, you can see the first ingredient is buffalo.

Upon opening the can (again, another one with a lot of “gravy” so be careful), the meat is clear to see. This product would be another great option for adding moisture to kibble. It smelled like meat…not dog food.

This is what it looks like when scooped from the can. Again, with this product, you can see what you are feeding your dog. Diesel really enjoyed the Buffalo.

These four products are a great way to introduce higher quality protein to your dog if you are on a kibble diet, or as a quick supplemental protein source for those of you on a raw diet. I hope you’ll consider giving them a try.







Today’s canned dog food comes from Merrick. Merrick is a family run company that prides itself on using the best ingredients possible and using the least amount of steps possible during the making of their food. This helps to retain as many of the natural benefits of the food as possible. The ingredients they use are human grade ingredients along with fresh fruits, vegetables and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Today I am going to look inside three cans for you.

We have Thanksgiving Day Feast, Wilderness Blend, and Burger Pie & Sweety Fries.

These Merrick cans have the nifty pull tab top like the cans I showed you the other day. (On a personal note, I really think more cans should have these…just saying.)

To start with, let’s look inside Thanksgiving Day Feast.

The main ingredient in here is Turkey; however, you can see the nice bits of carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and green beans when you open the can and scoop it into the bowl. The smell is pleasant, not at all like canned dog food.

The next can I am going to open for you is the Burger Pie & Sweety Fries.

Think of this as having a burger and fries with your furry friend.

You can really see the chunks of beef and the pieces of sweet potato. The odor level on this was really not bad either. In fact, Merrick’s cans tend to smell more like people food than dog food.

Finally, let’s look inside the Wilderness Blend can.

Wilderness Blend combines Buffalo, Venison, and Salmon to give your pooch a wild experience (pun intended). This can does contain brown rice, so please be aware of that when choosing this option. But, hey…look at that pea in there!

The smell of this can was slightly gamey (as you would expect) but not offensive in the least.

And, I can share this with you:

SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless ~ alright it was Diesel) was willing to take one for the team to get you this information. He sat there the whole time all “How you doin’?” as I opened the cans and took the photos. And then he ate them. All.  I can tell you this, there wasn’t one he didn’t like.




I have had a lot of fun documenting Diesel’s Diet for you. But I realize that not every dog will respond to the diet I feed my guy. That is why I’ve decided to document the different types of food we carry at Two Bostons for you in this next blog series.

I’m going to start with canned food. This is a really great option for anyone who needs the ease of a prepared meal and the benefit of a more moisture packed diet.

Today we have food fromWeruva and Tiki Dog:

Both of these products are grain-free, whole food, made with human grade quality ingredients. This is especially important in the diet of your furry friend because they contain 1. High moisture content (I know, I know I keep saying it…but only because it is REALLY important) 2. High quality protein sources and 3. Minimal carbohydrates. This goes a very long way to keeping our pet’s energy levels high, their bodies lean, and their lives happy.

Since I know many of you are like me and like to look behind the curtain, I’m going to show you what is inside these cans.

They both have this nifty little pop top so you don’t have to mess around with a can opener. If you are as “gracefully gifted” as I am, you can appreciate this added bonus.

Anyway. Moving on…

This is the offering today from Tiki Dog.

Hmm…what is it?

It is Sardine Cutlets! Imagine that…my dog eating sardines. I know that seafood is often thought of as a feline favorite, but I can assure you that Diesel had no problem gobbling this up. This looks more like a stew and a bowl of dog food. Full disclosure, this does contain brown rice (which is a grain), but the food is minimally processed which is great for your pet.

Since we began with Sardines, I thought it best to stick to the sea when choosing the offering from Weruva.

Any guesses?

I went with the Cirque De La Mer…which is Tuna. Again, a huge hit with my guy. See those amazing pieces of tuna in there?

Each company has kindly included a feeding guide on their can for you to use when trying to determine the amount to feed your dog each day. This is another great choice for a meal for your pet. While this food is not raw, it is a very high quality whole food option that is your worth consideration.