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Before the weather outside gets to unbearable we want to make sure our pups have what they need to stay warm…Coats!

It is not the easiest thing to buy for our furry friends because they are all different sizes, and shapes.  And they probably won’t sit or stay the best for you as you try on two, four or even five different styles and sizes.   At Two Bostons you can find one of the best-fitting and warmest coats available!

Apache-Coat-Big-DogApache River Coats ranked #1 by Whole Dog Journal for superior design and fit, are made from Polar Fleece 300 – the most insulating variety – then lined and bound with four-way-stretch Lycra Spandex so they hug your pet like a second, streamlined layer of fur.  What is so awesome too is that they are incredibly lightweight and breathable, to avoid overheating.  Apache River Coats are offered in 19 sizes (and 10 colors), and for even the hardest-to-fit hound, you can have them custom-tailored…we can even get your pup’s name embroidered on them!


Apache-Coat-Tiny-DogAnother thing that you will love about these coats is that they are a cinch to take on and off.  If you have a skittish or touch-shy breed at home, you know what a huge help this can be.  The special neckline keeps the chest area fully covered, and it prevents the coat from riding down in the snow.  It has rear leg stirrups that hold the coat in place, but you can easily snip these loops off if your runner-and-romper prefers it.


These coats are made in the U.S.A. by an company in Arkansas with 25 years of experience in hand-crafting top-of-the-line saddle jackets for championship horses.  In other words, they know a little more than something about keeping your dog cozy-warm and dry during the cold months in Chicago!

Here are 10 reasons to stop in today and try out the Apache River Coats:

  1. Made in the U.S.A.
  2. Super-easy to put on and take off
  3. Made of insulating, stretch, body-hugging materialApache-Coat-three-dogs
  4. Lightweight
  5. Water resistant
  6. Highly breathable without overheating
  7. Fully lined and bound with black Lycra Spandex
  8. Available in custom-fitted sizes
  9. Offered in 19 standard sizes (even Longs!)
  10. 10 great colors

Any of our highly trained Team Members can help you find the perfect fit for your perfect pup any day or time during store hours!  We look forward to keeping your pets warm this winter.

Beckie Schuerenberg is the content coordinator for Two Bostons. She and her family adopted their cat, Maggie, in September.

Beckie Schuerenberg is the content coordinator for Two Bostons. She and her family adopted their cat, Maggie, in September.

Ready or not–winter is coming! By the middle of the week, temperatures aren’t supposed to get out of the 30s. So now is the time to start digging out winter coats and boots–for you and your dog!

After last winter’s polar vortex, it’s important to remember that all the salt and ice on roadways, sidewalks and trails can wreak havoc on dogs’ paws. And even the furriest of pups can freeze when the temperature doesn’t get above 0 for days!

But no matter what kind of winter we are predicted to have this year, Two Bostons is ready with dog coats, boots and other gear to help protect your pups from the upcoming weather. To help keep your pooch’s paws clean, warm and dry, we have a wide selection of boots that they’re sure to love. Our Disposable Balloon Dog Boots by Pawz

works like socks to bend and move along with your dog’s feet. There’s no limiting mobility or awkward irritation with these disposable boots. Plus the Pawz Boots don’t have those thick padding in the bottom so that your dog can instead feel the ground under its feet. Our Pawz boots are available in many sizes and colors to suit any dog!

We also have

various sizes and colors available in boots from Ruff Wear. These boots are built on a anatomical mold and are customized to meet the demanding needs of active dogs. If you want to find out more about the Griptex Dog Boots from Ruff Wear, click here to see a past blog post about these tough boots.

And don’t forget to check out Two Bostons’ other boots and gear to protect your pup’s paws, including

our Pawstik Balm from Muttluks!

Two help keep your pup warm and snuggly all over this winter, Two Bostons also is introducing a new line of winter coats to complement our other cozy and stylish brands. The Duluth Double Fleece coat goldpawfleecefrom Gold Paw is made with two layers of reversible soft, stretchy fleece that’s machine washable so you can keep it fresh no matter how much slush and salt your pup gets into.  These new Double Fleece coats are available in different sizes and reversible colors. It might be difficult to choose between this new product and our most popular coats from Apache 

as well as the other great brands we carry.


If you aren’t sure what size, style, or color of boo or coat fits best on your dog, come on in THIS weekend at any of our stores for a free custom fitting!

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