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Melanie WaszkowskiDoes your dog love puzzle toys? Do they love Himalayan Chews? Do you love when your dog is out from under your feet while you’re cooking dinner? If you answered YES to any of the above, your new best friend will be the Animiganza’s NEW AnimaTwist 4 in 1 toy.

I have never found a toy that I had to immediately buy fresh off the truck for Sherman before…Then one day last week I opened a box of stock to put out on the floor and saw a brightly colored toy and Himalayan chew combo, the AnimaTwist!  I immediately knew I needed to purchase one…and it was worth every penny!

The AnimaTwist is a puzzle toy that encompasses the popular Himalayan chew, just like a DNA toy for a bully stick that makes a short lasting chew turn into hours of mind stimulating activity.  I was anxious to try this with Sherman since he’s able to go through a Himalayan in 20 minutes or so.


When I brought the AnimaTwist home, I let Sherman check it out, and he wasted no time trying to get the Himalayan chew out.  At first he licked at it, then he carried the whole toy around a bit frustrated that it didn’t just come out so he could easily enjoy it.  I was able to catch up on my TV shows for the evening, and when it came time for bed, Sherman hadn’t really gotten through any of the Himalayan.  The AnimaTwist itself had a few teeth marks on it from where there was some chewing, but the toy passed the 20-minute test for him, so it was already a winner in my book!

Eventually the Himalayan was licked away so much that it broke in half, and Sherman was able to enjoy each half of his delicious treat.  To get to this point, it took him THIRTEEN hours!  What an amazing improvement on time from 20 minutes!  The AnimaTwist shows a bit of wear, but otherwise is incredibly durable for a heavy chewer.product1
The lifespan of the Himalayan isn’t the only great feature of the AnimaTwist!  The green (with or without the rope) and blue pieces fit together to make a treat ball; great for treats or kibble feeding. Expansion orange pieces are also sold separately to hold multiple or longer Himalayans.   While you could try to put any Himalayan chew inside the AnimaTwist, Animiganza’s 2 packs of Himalayans are guaranteed to fit inside the standard toy.

If you’re looking for the BEST new puzzle toy on the market, you need to pick up an AnimaTwist!

Learn more about all of the different ways you can use this toy from the video below!