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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products


Hey all! Heather here (along with Lilu and Ahsoka). If you’re anything like me when I first brought Lilu into my life, you might be craving a little insight and information on key puppy essentials — things you’ll need right away when bringing home your new furry family member! I encourage you to stop into one of our locations and ask any Team Member for a copy of our detailed New Puppy Checklist, which they’ll be happy to review with you. In the meantime, here’s a short sampling to help you get started:

  • Two Ceramic or Stainless Steel Dishes. One for food, one for water. Stay away from plastic bowls, as they can get microscopic tears and scratches that harbor bacteria – which can then be transferred to your dog’s food or snout.
  • Rubberized Food Mat. A rubber mat is fantastic for easy cleaning and keeping bowls in place. Lots of puppies can get overexcited with their food, and push their bowls around while eating. This kind of mess is minimized (and cleaned up way more easily) when you have a rubber food mat.
  • Durable Collar. You’ll most likely get a few collars over your dog’s lifetime, but a good sturdy one will last and last – and a super-cute pattern makes it so much more unique! Up Country offers some great choices that satisfy both needs at once.
  • Leash. My favorite is the Slackline Leash by RuffWear. Check out my blog from last year to see why my girls and I love it so much!
  • Sturdy Harness. We always recommend a harness, right from the start. Why? Because when a puppy is rambunctious and bounding every which way, he can pull very hard on the leash. Collars can put tremendous pressure on the neck and windpipe — and this can lead to chafing injuries, windpipe collapse, or choking. A properly fitted harness does the trick when it comes to easing pressure off the neck area. Check out the Up Country Step-In — awesome patterns, great functionality!
  • Comfy Bed. A bed is enormously soothing to a nervous new pup in a brand new space. Ahsoka has been using her Bowser Bed since day one. She’s turning five this year, but has considered this bed her safe haven since her very first day in our house. Bowser Beds are fully machine washable and made to be extremely tough — up to 8 times more durable than most other beds. You can even use the center part of the bed as a snuggly liner to make your pup’s crate feel safer and more comforting.
  • Smart Starter Toys! Start your pup off with at least one sturdy chew toys, like our Jax and Bones Rope Toys or even an all-natural bully stick. As a really nice bonus, you can actually wet and freeze Jax and Bones toys to create a soothing chew solution for teething issues. Also consider at least one interactive, intelligence-stimulating toy like the Ourpets IQ Treat Ball, the Planet Dog Snoop, or an awesome Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toy. These will keep your curious canine busy and happy while you’re cooking dinner or doing the dishes!


This is just a small sampling of the key items you should have on hand when you first bring your new pup home. Stop by any Two Bostons with your brand new furry friend, and we’ll gladly give you a complete copy of the New Puppy Checklist along with our own firsthand suggestions. Remember that our Team Members are specially trained and certified to measure and fit your pup for the precise gear he needs to keep him safe and comfortable as he continues to grow!

Dear All Runners:

I’ve found your new leash to run your dogs!



It’s true! I’ve found your new favorite leash (or at least my favorite leash) to run my dogs with! It’s called the incredible, practially magic, leash that I LOVE! Just kidding, but not really. It’s really called a Slackline Leash by RuffWear.

Slackline Blue

Imagine this – you have two high drive dogs, possibly a border collie and a sheltie/corgi mix just to name two breeds, and you not only love to run, but so do your dogs. You know the only way to get the energy of your two high drive dogs is to really hit the pavement and making it a great experience for you and your dogs takes a little coordination. Headphones and an iPod, poop bags, running shoes and two 40 pound dogs is difficult to imagine, but then comes along the Slackline leash! You can hook the two leashes together around your waist and even easily tighten up the length of the leash from 6 feet to 3.5 feet and not worry about tripping over the leash when you’re running!


Okay, enough visualization, here’s the good stuff. The Slackline Leash is adjustable in length, can be hand held or waist worn and has a sturdy, durable, talon clip for the dogs that really get out there!


It comes in four colors; Red Rock, Metolius Blue, Burnt Orange and Granite Gray. Very durable webbing with reflective webbing through the center for safety is a great feature, also!

Every time I head out for my run, I unbuckle the handles of the two leashes and I buckle them together around my waist making them connected, I slide the ergonomic slider on the leash to the minimum length of 3.5 feet, I clasp my poop bags on, tie my laces and plug my iPod in and I’m off! My runs are so much more comfortable when my girls are closer to my sides and I’m completely hands free!


It can be difficult to imagine so stop in to any of our three locations and we would be absolutely thrilled to show you what I am raving about!