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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Watch out, jelly, because peanut butter just found a new best friend: CBD! That’s right, your dog’s favorite treat just got better! Ever since Super Snouts launched their new “Nutty + Dog” CBD-infused peanut butter, it has been flying off the shelves, and for good reason! It has all the potency you’d expect from Super Snouts’s organic hemp oil, with the added wow-factor of velvety, indulgent peanut butter. If you have a pup who’s picky about taking supplements, then this stuff is absolutely made for you. Simply serve it how you usually would, and watch as your dog gets a little much-needed relaxation.

For those of you new to CBD usage in pets, or anyone who needs a little refresher, Super Snouts products contain absolutely no THC, as it is toxic to dogs and cats. That also means that your pet isn’t getting “high”, nor will they have any chance of overdose or addiction. Your pets will, however, experience relief from anxiety, aggression, and inflammation among a ton of other great benefits. Trust us when we say one serving and you’ll be wondering where Nutty + Dog Peanut Butter has been all your life!

That being said, you could totally just let your pup take a few licks from the jar or off a spoon, but at Two Bostons, we believe there are always ways to make things more fun, especially when trying to help calm a stressed out pet. CBD works great on its own, but adding a distraction to the mix can make things go even smoother, so while you’re shopping for your very own container of Nutty + Dog, be sure to grab a Buba Chew, too!

Buba Chews are made from the horns of water buffalo, which means they’re tough on the outside and  hollow on the inside! It makes for an all-natural chew that’s great either on its own or filled with your pup’s favorite treat, similar to a Kong toy. A lot of people like putting things such as yogurt or even their dog’s favorite wet food inside, but personally, we love to keep it classic with peanut butter! And what better peanut butter than Nutty + Dog? Bring it with you on your next road trip to keep things calm on the go, or give your pooch something to do while company’s over! With such a compact, portable toy, and yummy snack, the anti-anxiety possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for something that will keep your dog standing in one place, like for grooming or a checkup at the vet, we suggest spreading a spoonful of Nutty + Dog on the Lick Lick Mat by Perfect Curve. It’s nice and small so you can bring it anywhere, with a back that can stick to any smooth or polished surface to prevent it from sliding around. The grooves help keep the peanut butter in place while also adding an element of challenge. Your dog will be so focused on getting in between every nook and cranny that they won’t even notice what’s going on around them!

If you want to take things up a level, you can also give the LickiMat a shot! It’s a similar concept to the Lick Lick Pad, only on a bigger scale! The textured grooves are also a little tougher to get into, which means the distraction will last a bit longer. The next time a thunderstorm rolls in or you need to leave your dog at home for a while, get out the LickiMat and coat it with Nutty + Dog! By the time your dog is finished, the CBD will have them feeling super relaxed, so by the time you get home you’ll find your pup napping on the couch instead of gnawing on it!

Keep in mind that Nutty + Dog is a limited ingredient peanut butter containing real, organic peanuts. If you, your pet, or a member of your household has allergies, we suggest paying us a visit so we can point you in the direction of products that are just as effective but better suited to your home!

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