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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

When you hear the word “elixir” you might think of bubbling cauldrons and magic spells. We’re here to assure you that at Two Bostons, we’d never sell anything that might turn you or your pet into a toad.

But what exactly is an “edible elixir”? Essentially, it’s a frozen smoothie for dogs and cats that you thaw as needed and use as a meal topper! Sounds yummy, right? It comes in three different flavors, each with their own set of super-powered health benefits. You have your choice of Winter Squash Puree, Healthy Green Smoothie, and Omega Mussel Melange. What makes these especially stand out from other frozen toppers is the blend of veggies and a dash of protein? Other products typically go one way or the other, which isn’t a problem since every pet’s palate and needs differ. However, you might find that pickier pets take to Primal Elixirs faster because they get a big whiff of pork bone broth before they dig in for the first time!

Another key benefit to Primal Elixirs is the variety each recipe offers. As our regulars know, variety is crucial to a pet’s health and happiness. You wouldn’t want to eat the same meal every day for your entire life, right? Neither do your dogs and cats! But it’s not just flavor that makes each of the three elixirs unique. They’re also packed with different types of nutrients geared specifically towards various areas of your pet’s wellness!

If you’re looking to nourish your pet’s gut, then Winter Squash Puree is for you. The first ingredient is butternut squash, which is what makes it that pretty orange color! Butternut squash is known for being packed with prebiotic fiber which helps regularity and makes stools firm up. This is especially beneficial during the summer months when your pets are nosing around in grass or weeds that leave them with diarrhea. You’ll also find organic cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger to help an upset tummy, and raw apple cider vinegar for a healthy GI tract.

Ready to boost your pet’s joint health? Give Omega Mussel Melange a try! Of the three flavors, this is the most savory of the bunch, but it’s also great for animals of all ages. For older pets, this can help ease any joint pain from factors like age or arthritis, but in younger ones, it can help as a preventative for future joint issues. The main ingredient is mussels, which is somewhat of a super-seafood that’s also used in a lot of pet food, as well. They’re a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chrondroiton. You’ll also find organic turmeric and unfiltered apple cider vinegar for that extra support to the skeletal system.

Finally, there’s the Healthy Green Smoothie which resembles, you guessed it, a daily human health smoothie! It’s full of organic green goodness like antioxidant-packed kale and parsley, with some added chia seeds, coconut oil, and sardine oil for a boost of omega fatty acids and medium chain triglycerides. There’s also a blend of seven different organic mushrooms known for their medicinal immune benefits! In other words: with every bite of this elixir, your pet’s immune system will thank you.

Is your mouth watering yet? How about if we mention that they all come in 16 oz and 32 oz resealable containers that’ll fit nicely in your freezer, making feeding a snap. Live vicariously through your pet by stopping into one of our stores and grabbing an Edible Elixir today!

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