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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Week 4 of our Shopping Spree is here which means we are officially at our halfway point! This first portion has been such a blast for all of us, and we’d like to offer a special congratulations to the lucky winners we’ve had so far! These next four weeks are sure to be just as exciting with even more amazing products, deals, and (most importantly) winners! To those of you just joining us, check out for more details–you can also get a sneak peak of what brands will be featured next week.

Additionally, if you’re looking to win even more, you can share this video on Facebook to be automatically entered for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Two Bostons!

But first you’re going to want to get to know Week 4’s featured brands a little better because they’re all eligible to earn you tons of easy extra entries!

Ziwi Peak

We have a lot of great things to say about Ziwi Peak, and so do our Two Bostons regulars! With a brand that exclusively sources their ingredients from one of the most beautiful places on Earth, it’s tough not to. We’ve gushed about Ziwi in a prior blog that we suggest you check out, but the short version is that everything used to make Ziwi Peak food is the best the world has to offer, and it shows in your pet’s health! The proteins are all grass-fed and humanely raised in pastures while the fish is wild-caught by local fishermen. New Zealand native Green Lipped Mussels have a heavy presence in Ziwi Peak food, as well, because of their abundance of crucial nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids. Their wet food is velvety and indulgent, while their dry food is made with a unique air drying process that creates a sort of ultra-healthy jerky rather than traditional kibble.

Earth Animal Flea & Tick

Skip the chemical pesticides and repel pests naturally with Earth Animal Flea & Tick! There are several different products in the line, so whether your pet is outside on the regular or prefers to stick around in the A/C, you can find something that offers the perfect level of protection. Organic preventative supplements come in drops and powder form, and are great to use year-round. Regular usage can help build up natural repellents in your pet’s bloodstream which means when warm weather rolls back around, you’re already a paw ahead of the pests! Make sure you also grab a bottle of Flea & Tick Spray. It’s super effective against insects, smells amazing, and was designed with both dogs and humans in mind! Cat people shouldn’t feel left out, though, because in addition to the supplements, Earth Animal also makes collars that work for up to 3 months and easy-to-apply topical drops! This is the ONLY flea and tick collar Two Bostons’ owners will use on their cats!

Cloud Star Treats

It’s hard to believe that some pets are picky about their treats, but it’s more common than you might think! One of our go-to suggestions is Cloud Star, because when it comes to treats, these are about as straightforward as you can get. They’re grain-free and made in a variety of flavors from meat first recipes chicken & sweet potato to yummy peanut butter. Another great thing to note is the texture. Just like humans, pets often have preferences in the texture of what they eat, and while your dog or cat might not like a crunchy biscuit, they may go nuts over a soft chew! Cloud Star makes delicious versions of both varieties in addition to their great line of training treats, which means not only could your dog finally master that trick you’ve been working on, but with 50 extra entries per treat purchased, you could be celebrating with a $1,000 Two Bostons Shopping Spree! Make sure you also give their meatballs a try. For yet another 50 extra entries, you could also have the yummiest treat that’s perfect for hiding pills!

Himalayan Toys

We all know that when a pup loves their chew, they want to nibble it down until there’s nothing left! Check out the new Jughead toy to make those favorite chews last SO much longer! Not to mention, it increases safety since most dogs can’t fit the toy all the way in their mouth. Longer lasting chew PLUS increased safety??? That’s a huge win in our book! Ease your anxiety and earn 50 extra entries into our $1,000 Shopping Spree contest by trying out Jughead and Blockhead by Himalayan! Simply place your chew in the center, and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a super simple safety device that’s specially fit to keep your pup safe while making the chew last longer.  (Of course, we always recommend you supervise your pets while they’re playing/chewing.) It works best with a Himalayan chew, but we’ve found that as long as the chew can fit through the hole, Bonehead and Jughead toys do a great job keeping your pup busy and safe! There are several different sizes to choose from, and all are made from a durable nylon that is top shelf dishwasher safe!

As always, we want to remind you that you are more than welcome to shop these products on our website, however, they will only earn you extra entries when you purchase them in-store! To learn even more about this week’s featured brands, you can check out AdreAnne’s weekly video below. Products are eligible to earn extra entries from 8/25/19 – 8/31/19 so come earn while you can!

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