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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

With long days and beautiful weather, everyone is itching to get outside as much as possible; especially our pets! But before you leave the house, it’s important to make sure it’s safe for your furry family. Don’t worry, it’ll only take seven seconds! All you need to do is put your bare hand on any surface you plan to walk on with your dog and count to seven. Easy enough, right?

You might even feel a little silly doing it…but isn’t it worth making sure your pet is safe?  Some days will be fine and other days you might not even make it past two seconds before you need to yank your hand back! That’s when it’s best to stay on the grass.

Singed paws in the summer are a bigger issue than people realize. That’s partly because the air temperature can be misleading. A sunny 77°F day might feel great, but it also means the asphalt is closer to 125°F –a temperature that can damage skin within 60 seconds. At 87°F asphalt temperatures can climb to 143°F –the ideal temperature to cook a medium rare steak–and so on. Needless to say, you don’t want your pet’s paws on that sort of heat!

Keep in mind that different surfaces absorb different amounts of heat. Asphalt, metal, and roof shingles tend to be the worst with concrete coming in a close second. Unfortunately that means a lot of your favorite walking spots might be out of commission for a bit, but on the bright side, grass is pretty reliable for staying a safe temperature. You might not be able to get in that evening stroll you love to take with your pup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play a game of fetch in a grassy area to get some exercise!

That being said, we know sometimes walking on asphalt is unavoidable. Those who live in apartment complexes or don’t have garages to park their cars in might be landlocked by hot surfaces, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your pet has to be trapped inside all summer!

Carrying your dogs over asphalt is certainly an option, but bigger dogs and animals who don’t like being carried make things a little trickier. Laying out a path of towels works well for short distances, and winter booties work great in a pinch, but one product we really love is Musher’s Secret Paw Protection. We aren’t sure why it’s a “secret” when every pet parent should have some on hand!

It was initially developed to help dogs in the snow, but we’ve found it works just as well in the summer, too! Simply rub a bit onto your dog’s pads weekly and a wax barrier will begin to build. It’s completely food grade and organic so there’s no harm to your dog, and absorbs right into the paw so there’s no harm to your flooring, either! It even has moisturizing properties for paws prone to dryness. Keep in mind, this won’t make your pup’s paws invincible, however, Musher’s can still make a huge difference!

Summer has a way of flying by fast, and we want to make sure everyone enjoys it while they can! The last thing we want is for pets and their parents to stay locked indoors because they’re nervous about injuries. Just remember, keeping your pups safe is as simple as counting to seven!

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