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If you’ve ever come into Two Bostons, there’s a high chance you’ve left with something from The Honest Kitchen. There’s an even higher chance your pet went nuts over the goodies you brought home! If you have yet to try it, you’re missing out on some top quality products. So top quality, in fact, that they actually coined the term “Human Grade”! That’s right–The Honest Kitchen paved the way for the standard we all expect our pets’ food to have. But whether you’ve been feeding The Honest Kitchen for years or you’re still a newbie to the brand, we have the perfect product to boost your pet’s bowl: Whole Food Clusters!

It might sound like the name of a breakfast cereal, but it couldn’t be more different. For starters, there are no grains–or by-products or preservatives, for that matter–and everything is made and sourced in the USA. If you take a closer look, you’ll find that each cluster is a different shape and size. That’s because they’re truly made with whole foods! Keep looking closely, you’ll even see all the protein, fruits, and veggies used! It’s more than just a gimmick. Whole foods in general are proven to retain more vitamins and nutrients which would otherwise get broken down the more they’re processed. To keep the ingredients whole, meals are prepared in minimally processed small batches. After getting cold pressed, the clusters are slow roasted and dehydrated to preserve the taste, texture, and nutrients of the ingredients.

These are great to add a boost of nutrients to your pet’s bowl since they have the convenience of being able to “scoop & go”. It’s especially useful for picky pets who tend to be more drawn towards crunchy food. Mix in a scoop or two with their meal and they won’t suspect a thing, but they will be getting a huge nutritional boost! Meat is always the first ingredient, with options like chicken, beef, and turkey, mixed with locally sourced fresh produce, like antioxidant rich blueberries and carrots so you can be assured that every bite is both delicious and nutritious.

Is your pet’s mouth watering yet? Is yours?? No judgement here! It’s tough not to get a little hungry at the thought of all the yummy human-grade ingredients. Stop by any of our locations to boost your pet’s bowl with The Honest Kitchen Clusters today!

Have you caught the bowl boosting bug? Check back on our blog regularly to learn even more simple and easy ways to add some extra nutrition to your pet’s next meal!


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