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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

I will assume that you want the cold weather to go away and Spring to stay as much as I do.  And this includes our pets too!  We are all really starting to feel the cabin fever and have a lot of pent-up energy.  This weekend we are going to be having our Free Harness Fittings, so I thought I would get you thinking about getting out of the house and out on regular, relaxing and enjoyable walks!

Most complaints about dog walking is about them pulling…Have you ever asked yourself, “Who’s walking who?” this is for you!!

1. Collars, Leashes and Harnesses: You want to find a collar that is an appropriate width for the size of your dog and a leash that is easy for you to hold and handle. We have all kinds of different leashes to choose from! We strongly recommend that you use a standard leash instead of a retractable leash.  Read about retractable leashes in a previous Blog: Do you know why you can’t find retractable leashes at Two Bostons?

Using a harness to walk your dog is safer and healthier. Placing them in a well-fitted harness will be much better for them and will give you more control as well!

If you have a dog that REALLY pulls (or maybe you want a very well-mannered walker) you should try the No-Pull Dog Harness by SPORN. This is the best no-pull system that we have found. The SPORN fits just like a regular harness but pulls up on the dogs’ armpits, which is a pressure point, when the dog pulls. This doesn’t hurt the dog at all, but it does make it uncomfortable if they continue to pull.  The best thing about this is that you don’t have to correct your dog, he will correct himself!

2. Poop Bags: Let’s face it, they do it…so be prepared! We have several different poop bags and poop bag holders to choose from. One of our favorite Poop Bags and Dispensers in the Lavender or non-Scented Bags by Earth Rated. These poop bags are for those who want to go green! Made of 100% renewable resources and dissolve in as little as 40 days.

3. Hydration: If you are just going around the block you may not need to worry about taking water with you, but if you are on a longer walk or it is in the middle of a hot summer day, you will want to keep your pups hydrated! We have a few different options for you to choose from. One of those is the Gulpy Water Dispenser by Kyjen. It is easy to use, doesn’t leak and you can easily carry it with the built-in belt clip.


The most important thing is to have fun on your walks! Stop into Two Bostons this Saturday, (3/11/17) for our Harness Fittings and we will help you find all the right walking gear for you and your pups!

Two Bostons will also be starting our very popular Weekly Walks on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at our Downtown Naperville and Burr Ridge stores.

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