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untitledOften times, when I first meet my canine massage clients with their arthritic dogs, they tell me that they have tried just about everything to help their dog feel better. I often hear, “Arthritis seems to have gotten the best of him.” Stop just a minute…there is another option! A medication-free option at that!

Canine massage helps our dogs feel less aches and pains, and aids in making them move with more ease. How is this possible? Let me explain!

When joins become riddled with inflammation, your dog’s body naturally reacts by sending extra fluid to the affected area to assist in healing. However, extra fluid causes the area that already hurts to swell, and the pressure builds. Massage plays a large part in moving fluid away from swollen areas. This is called edema relief. Taking some of the pressure off the joins makes pets more willing to move them. And movement lubricates the joints with synovial fluid.

Stiff, sore joints contribute to under-utilized muscles and lack of flexibility. That can lead to atrophy as muscles begin to shorten. Massage maintains circulation throughout those under-utilized muscles, and spreads muscle fibers apart keeping them plump and flexible.

img_6720Additionally, canine massage helps a dog to relax. When your dog’s body is in a pain cycle, he will often compensate with posture changes that make it very difficult to unwind or even fall asleep. Massage triggers the brain to release several endorphins – serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. The cool part about these “feel-good” hormone-like substances is that they slow down pain signals! They even turn off some of the inflammation-making chemicals. ¬†Win-Win!

Arthritic pets that receive massage can sleep better, move better, and feel happier! Alleviating swelling, invigorating weakened muscles, turning off inflammation and releasing brain chemicals that take away pain are all ways canine massage benefits your arthritic pooch. Try it today!

Always be sure to look for a Nationally Certified Canine Massage Therapist to work on your dog. Check out for a list of practitioners near you or head over to to schedule an appointment with Kristina!



Philip Steffen
January 12, 2017

Excellent and helpful article with very useful information.

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