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Dr.ErinGuestBlogIf your dog is currently experiencing or recovering from an injury, rest can be invaluable to their recovery. While it can be difficult with high energy breeds or young dogs, restricting intense activities can help.

Allowing your dog to continue doing intense activities like fetch and frisbee can dramatically slow down their healing time.  When a dog is highly driven by these two things, they will do all that they can to get the ball or frisbee. This means contorting their body out of natural postures, face planting, stumbling, and sliding.  They have one goal and that is to get the ball or frisbee in their mouths as quick as they can.6-21705-top-10-family-friendly-dogs6c-1350065750

Another activity to avoid while your dog is recovering from an injury is tugging. This is especially important for neck injuries. When your dog tugs, they are pulling and jerking with their neck.  If you or another dog pulls against that, it can setup the stage for re-injury or make current symptoms worse.

Other activities you may need to restrict, especially if you have a small dog, is jumping on and off of furniture and stairs. Jumping up is more problematic for a rear limb or back injury, as your dog will be pushing off from the rear.  Jumping down is more worrisome for a neck or front limb injury, as they will be landing on their front legs and the force from their landing will travel up the legs and into the upper back and neck.

If your dog participates in sports like agility, flyball, dock diving, etc. it is wise to also take time off from these activities while your dog heals.

More than likely, your dog will be able to get back to their usual activities, however, restricting these activities while your dog is healing is important.


Once your dog looks back to their normal self, wait a little bit longer; simply to ensure that everything has healed and stabilized. Many times when dogs start to feel better, they want to do all of their favorite activities again when they are not fully ready.

When they are fully healed, ease back into their normal activities. Whether it’s been a couple weeks or a couple months, going back to a 3 mile walk, their usual jump height in agility, or playing for hours at the park, for example, will cause problems.  Start small and if they do OK, you can gradually increase the intensity or length of the activity.  Many dog owners get really excited once their dog is feeling better, but for your dog’s benefit, you want to take it slow getting them back to their usual activities.

It may take some effort on your part, but it is worth it that your dog rest and then eases back into their activities so that they can fully recover.

If you’re not sure where to start prior to that in the beginning to help heal an injury, I may be able to help with the animal chiropractic.  It’s a great treatment method to restore musculoskeletal and nervous system health.

If you have any questions about Animal Chiropractic, you can contact Dr. Erin O’Connor at or visit


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