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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Fan-DogSummer is often an enjoyable season for people and pets…However hot weather can be uncomfortable for people and animals alike. When you feel the temperatures rise, think about how you would feel wearing a fur coat. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your dog. The following are some summer safety to insure you and your pooch have a happy, healthy summer.

  • Always provide plenty of cool, fresh water.
  • When outside, make sure there is shade available that your dog can rest in.
  • Take your dog for a walk in the early morning or in the evening when temperatures are cooler.  Also avoid walking on asphalt as it can be much hotter than other surfaces and burn the pads on your dog’s feet.
  • Heartworm is a deadly disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Be sure to discuss with your veterinarian heartworm testing and preventative. Flea and tick preventative should be discussed as well.
  • Never leave your dog in a closed car on a hot day. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside the car escalates to high temperatures very quickly.  Not only is this extremely dangerous and fatal for your dog, it is also against the law.  Play it safe and leave your dog at home if you think you might have to leave him in the car.
  • Water safety for dogs has many similarities to water safety for children.  Never throw a dog into the water, especially if it is their first attempt at swimming.  Introduce them slowly in shallow water to insure a positive experience. Dogs should always wear a flotation device when they are on a boat. Do not leave dogs unattended by pools or bodies of water.  Not all dogs are good swimmers and those that are can tire out quickly.
  • Brachycephalic dogs such as Bulldogs and Pugs have a harder time breathing and panting so keep these types of dogs out of the heat and in the air conditioning.panting
  • The heat can also be harder on overweight and senior pets so they should also be kept in the air conditioning as much as possible.
  • Know the signs of overheating! Early symptoms of heatstroke include rapid breathing and excessive drooling.  Advanced symptoms include white gums, lethargy, and shock. If you suspect your dog is overheating, immediately try to cool him down and contact your veterinarian.
  • Most dogs are scared of fireworks. The loud noise can startle your dog and cause him to run off. Or a curious dog might get injured by getting too close to a firecracker or sparkler. Please leave them at home or inside when taking part in Fourth of July celebrations.

AnnaPaytonFor more information on how to keep your pet safe this summer, ask any Two Bostons Team Member or consult your veterinarian.

Anna Payton is the Executive Director at the Naperville Area Humane Society.  Visit them at; follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @NaperHumane



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