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Worst Case scenario…you are on a morning walk with your dog and he sees a rabbit and pulls to chase it. Instead of pulling you this time, he drops dog-pulling-womendown and makes this horrible raspy wheezing noise as if he isn’t getting enough air.  You go to your vet and find out that all of that pulling against his collar collapsed his windpipe.  Yes, they will recover…

Many dogs will wear well made collars for years without a problem. But, there are also certain dogs who are natural pullers, or especially susceptible to trachea problems.  For those dogs, prolonged pressure against the windpipe (even simple over-excitement) can cause serious breathing issues.

One solution that we have to prevent this is the Sporn Mesh No-Pull Harness.  This harness is designed for moderate to heavy pullers; but it can also be used by any pet parent who wants to minimize pressure on their dog’s windpipe.  Like all Sporn products — including the double-dog adjustable leashes, which allows you to walk two pets at once — the harness is made of very high-quality nylon and nickel-plated hardware, so it will stand up to years of wear-and-tear.

There are SO many reasons we love the Sporn Mesh Harness at Two Bostons:

  • It fits around the dogs chest and shoulders – so when they jump or pull, your dogs neck and windpipe aren’t taking the full impact of his weight.
  • The mesh construction of the harness is cool and flexible.  It stretches with natural movements while walking or running.
  • It is very easy to get on and off – your pup just steps into it, adjust the straps and attach the leash…and off you go!
  • Sporn guarantees this harness for life against material defects or damage during standard use.
  • Sizing is super-easy!  Generally, go by your dog’s weight and neck circumference.  Stop by any Two Bostons store and one of our trained team members can help you with a quick custom fitting.

No-Pull Sporn HarnessAs a reminder…don’t leave your dog unattended while wearing ANY piece of gear with loops or buckles. These have the potential to get snagged on something in your absence.

So…if you would like to stop unwanted pulling in its tracks — while protecting your dog’s neck and windpipe — visit us today!

This Saturday, 5/14 we are having Harness Fittings from 11:00 – 3:00 pm at all Two Bostons stores!  You can bring in your current harness or our expert team members will help you find a the right one for you!


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