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With the weather we have had the past week and with the days getting longer, all of us runners are starting to get out again and isn’t it so awesome to be in the fresh air?

In my house, when I get out my tennis shoes and start to get ready, my dog gets super excited thinking that she is going to go on a walk…and then she sees me walking out the door without her and the disappointment when she doesn’t go just breaks my heart.  This might happen to you too…would you take your dog with you if you didn’t have to mess with holding a leash?

We have the perfect leash for you to try with your dog today! The Flat Out Leash by Ruffware is an everyday leash that can be waist-worn.  Yes, that’s right…no more juggling a leash along with headphones, iPod, and poop bags!  The Flat Out Leash is amazing because you can wear it around your waist and if you need to keep them secure while at a stop light you can just reach down and grab the traffic handle.  It really is the perfect leash.  Here are some other key features:

  • Durability and design aesthetics come together in the Ruffwear-designed Tubelok™ webbing
  • Adjustable padded handle, with aluminum Talon Hook™ can be hand-held, waist-worn or secured around a tree post
  • Talon Clip™ is strong, secure and ergonomically designed for one-handed attachment
  • Convenient accessory loop for pickup bags or small clip-on items
  • Traffic handle offers quick restraint
  • The leash is 6 feet in length and 1 inch of webbing


Now for me, my dog is too old to go out running with me.  But, I first got introduced to this leash after I had a baby and wanted to take the baby out in the stroller and take the dog with too.  It was the perfect solution for us!  We could enjoy our walks without having to fumble with holding the leash.  I am also able to secure the leash to the stroller if I need to.

Stop into any Two Bostons and the team will help you try out one of these problem solving leashes today!


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April 1, 2016

Great job, sounds like you are far ahead of the time. You have given a deep insight to your readers here. I will refer my friends to read your work. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

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