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Summer can be very stressful and especially if the furry family member gets anxiety during these hectic months. Does your pet have anxiety from storms, fireworks separation, travel, or their crate or do they show symptoms of excessive barking and whining, shaking, panting, drooling, clawing, hyperactivity, digging, hiding, or clinging?  If your pet has any of these symptoms, Two Bostons has a solution for you to try today!


thundershirtThe Thundershirt is a lightweight, machine-washable spandex and Velcro wrap that works by exerting gentle, constant pressure all around your pet’s rib cage.  It takes just a few seconds to put on, but it provides direct feedback to your pet’s brain – just like when you swaddle a new born baby. Once this rapid-breathing impulse is calmed, respiration begins to ease back to normal and the body relaxes as well.  With most pets, a visible difference can be seen in minutes.

The Thundershirt works…which is why we are able to offer a money-back guarantee.  A survey of customers reports an impressive 85% success rate among pets experiencing anxiety or stress.

The Thundershirt comes in seven different sizes and two colors, grey and pink – bring your pet in and the Two Bostons Team will find them the perfect fit.


ark-naturals-happy-travelerark-naturals-happy-traveler-chewablesHappy Traveler: This is a great option for a quick fix…think of it like taking an aspirin for a headache.  The active ingredients in Happy Traveler include Valerian, German Chamomile, L-Tryptophan and St. Johns Wort, all well know herbs for their calming effects.  It comes in pill form or chews and is a safe, non-toxic option for your dog.  Results most often are in 45 minutes.




When the Thundershirt and Happy Traveler are paired together you are sure to help your pet calm down before the loud booming of the fireworks, that storm rolls in, or that road trip.

We look forward to your visit and hope that we can make Summer = Stress Free!


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