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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

During the Holidays everything gets a little more chaotic than normal…you may not be able to watch Fido or give him as much attention as normal. Which means he may get into some items around the house that may cause him harm and you don’t even realize it.  Here is a quick list of some items to look out for this holiday:poinsettia

  • Poinsettias – they may cause irritation to the mouth, vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • MistletoeMistletoecauses digestive upset, but can potentially cause cardiovascular problems
  • Hollygastrointestinal no no!
  • Batteriescontains caustic, corrosive materials that can result in chemical burns if chewed or ingested
  • Alcoholic beverages and/or chocolateincreased heartbeat and it can make your pet very very sickwaterinbowl
  • Christmas tree watercontains fertilizer or preservatives that can be toxic to pets and over time it becomes moldy, stagnant, and not fit to drink
  • tinselElectrical lighting cordssome dogs consider them a chewing toy which can result in severe burns in and around the mouth and gums
  • Christmas tree tinsel or ribboncauses intestinal blockage and can actually cut into intestinal tissue
  • Potpourriliquid or dry may have toxic flowers in the mix so keep up high just for safety


Here are some other Winter Pet Hazards that you will start to come across as we start to get into the cold, snow and ice:

  • AntifreezeIt has a sweet, pleasant taste, and even the smallest amount can be fatal.  Keep out of reach, and check your local automotive shop for a pet safe brand…clean any spills the best you can.
  • Ice-melting productsthey can be irritating to the mouth and skin, ingestion may include (depending on the ingredients) vomiting, depression, or excessive drooling.
  • Rodent killersas it gets cold outside mice will move indoors for warmth causing us to get a pesticide to keep them out.  Keep these out of reach of the pets, you don’t want an unexpected vet visit.

37fef05e03447118e5be51de834c2bf9The one thing that I will say is…be observant of your pets behavior, and make sure all hazardous items (to the best of your knowledge) is out of Fido’s reach this holiday season! We all know it is hard to communicate with our pets, so they might get into SOME trouble…with that, please always keep your vet’s phone number in an accessible spot just in case of an emergency.

Wow…I feel like that was a lot to take in!  Now, let’s have a safe, happy and stress free holiday.

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