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Dogs need exercise and so do humans.  This summer get happy and healthy with your personal-trainer motivator, and best friend — your dog.  Whether walking, hiking or running, take along an American made, Guaranteed tough and Floatable Zogoflex® dog toy to add excitement to exercise!zogoflex-blog1

In a study conducted by Northern University, overweight people were given a sensible diet and advised to take daily walks with their dogs.  A control group without dogs got the same diet and exercise recommendations.  Not only did the dog owners lose more weight, they were happier. (source:

ZISC® A Frisbee that flies through the air with speed and accuracy.  Its pliable material allows dogs to pick it up from flat surfaces easily.  In backyards, at the park or on the water (it floats!) Zisc will get you and your dog moving.  Zisc is also available in glow-in-the-dark, for fun without the sun – no more excuse that it’s too dark outside to exercise.  TIP: Flip it over and fill with water when you dog needs a drink!

BUMI® Pull it, flex it, stretch it, love it!  Large Bumi stretches to 20″ and is an easy-to-throw toy that will keep people and pets entertained and active for hours.

JIVE® Designed with a groove to give an extra fun bounce, Jive helps to improve a dog’s physical and mental fitness.  Small Jive fits in a standard ball thrower for an extra workout for your dog and your arm muscles!

TIZZI® Lively, fun and excitable, the oh-so-entertaining Tizzi helps you and your dog release pent up energy.  The spiral design helps propel this toy further for some extra-calorie burning fun.  TIP: Unlock the handles to dispense low-fat treats in the hollow center when dogs need a snack break!

Zogoflex comes in bright, easy-to-spot colors, are guaranteed tough, floatable and pliable.  Perfect for trips to the park and lake or to toss down the trail.  West Paw Design’s proprietary Zogoflex material is one-hundred-percent sourced, designed and manufactured in the USA! Made in America with the planet in mind, and pets at heart®


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