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Hi Everyone. Heather, Lilu, and Ahsoka here to share some great news about these amazing toys we started spending time with! They’re called Chelsy’s Toys. Although we’ve never met Chelsy in real life, she’s a real-life local pup and has several characteristics in common with many dogs we know — including Lilu and Ahsoka. Tough chewers and dogs who love to pull, throw, and play with any type of rope toy must be somehow related to my two girls!

Chelsy is a lovely American Pitbull with an incredible amount of energy. She was born on July 4, 2005 and met her new parents only 6 weeks later. Lisa Freeman is Chelsy’s mom, and the creator and owner of Chelsy’s Toys. She quickly realized that a tough, durable toy was needed ASAP as toy after toy was ripped to shreds, stuffing was pulled out, and squeakers were destroyed. So Lisa cleverly decided to try out her own idea … and Chelsy LOVES it!

Based out of Wheaton IL, Chelsy’s Toys models its hand-crafted tug toys after the popular rope toy, but they’re made with a recycled material that does not fray. This greatly reduces the chance of frayed pieces being swallowed. What makes Chelsy’s Toys so incredibly tough? They make use of a patented knotting construction that will withstand pulling and chewing … yet the material used is soft and gentle on canine teeth and owner’s hands! So not only is this toy durable, but it’s ideal for tugging and chewing. This helps with that stubborn plaque buildup on your dogs’ teeth. It’s also ideal for younger pups who are teething.

Chelsys Toys Pups

Chelsy (left) probably never suspected that her sweet personality and tough-chewing tendencies would inspire mom Lisa to launch a super-durable product line enjoyed by active pups everywhere!


Founder and owner Lisa Freeman is a major supporter of accredited rescue groups and local trainers. As a result, a percentage of proceeds from Chelsy’s Toys go straight to Pit Bull, Dachshund, and Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue groups. Lisa also has huge plans to work with additional animal welfare groups as her company continues to expand.

The toy itself comes in several sizes, ranging from Small to Big Daddy size (for those pups who are 55 pounds or larger). Depending on toy size, thickness ranges between 2.5” – 3” and length ranges between 5” – 14”. One of my favorite things to do with Chelsy’s Toys is to dip them in water, freeze them, and give them to Lilu and Ahsoka on these hot summer days as a cool chew toy. It’s great to know that you can just throw each one directly into the washing machine when it gets too dirty (like mine do when they’re pulled around in the mud after these crazy storms we’ve had)!

So for a fun, super-durable chew and tug toy that was created locally by a woman-owned business, bring your furry friend to any of our Two Bostons locations and pick up your Chelsy’s Toy today!

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