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This winter has been pretty hard on all of us, and I know that it’s been hard on our pups too.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my dog Hunter has a lot of energy. Training and interactive games help use some of that energy on the crazy, cold days we’ve had – and healthy treats can be a great part of those activities.

When it comes to Hunter’s favorite treats, Sam’s Yams top the list. What I especially like about these sweet potato treats is that they only contain ONE ingredient. Hunter has a lot of food allergies, so this is a perfect option for him. Sam’s Yams contain only sweet potato — that’s it. No added sweeteners, colors, artificial preservatives, or processed fillers.

Which brings me to another great perk: that they’re low in calories. Most of us try to watch our pups’ weight, but we all love giving treats when we can. That makes Sam’s Yams a perfect diet-friendly option.

Sam’s Yams are also very chewy, which dogs seem to love.  Front Porch Pets, the makers of Sam’s Yams, cut ridges into fresh, human-food-quality sweet potatoes (yams). These slices are then dehydrated using a specialized drying process that transforms the sweet potato into a chew with characteristics similar to rawhide or jerky. Basically, it’s a rawhide-like vegetable chew! While Sam’s Yams aren’t as long-lasting as certain other chews, they’re 100% digestible – so they make an especially great treat at nighttime, or in situations where you’d like to keep your pup occupied for several minutes while you’re busy around the house.

This special chewy texture also makes Sam’s Yams a fantastic addition to your pet’s regular dental routine; because while dogs are chewing on this slice of dried sweet potato, it helps scrape away the plaque on their teeth. Don’t forget, too, that sweet potatoes themselves are loaded with health benefits. They’re high in fiber to help improve digestion.  They’re also high in key “fido-nutrients” like vitamins A, B6, C, and D; plus calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and potent antioxidants.

Sam’s Yams come in three different size options for your pet:

  • A small, fry-like shape called Bichon Fries (get it?).  These are great for small dogs, and also ideal training aids for larger pups.  I particularly like this size for Hunter (who weighs 85 pounds) because I can cut them with scissors, use them in training, and tuck them inside his treat ball.
  • A medium-sized option called Veggie Rawhide. Again, no worries — these aren’t really “rawhide” at all, just a great sweet potato alternative. This size is perfect for small-to-medium sized dogs.  It looks like a slice of dried sweet potato with those special teeth-cleaning ridges.
  • A large-sized option called Big Boyz. These are larger, extra-thick slices that give big pups just a little bit more to keep them busy.
Bichon Fries and Treat Ball

Hunter enjoys playing with his Tricky Treat Ball (above, right) using the Bichon “Fries.” He’ll actually bring me the toy to set it up! I simply cut the chews up with scissors and insert them inside. Hunter loves to work at getting them out — and I love that they’re healthy, natural, and low in calories.


Other Sizes and Special Ridges

Sam’s Yams also come in “Veggie Rawhide” (not really rawhide at all) and “Big Boyz,” which are great for large pups and dedicated chewers. The special ridges are very effective at cleaning teeth.


Front Porch Pets prides itself on creating healthy, natural treats for our dogs. This is why Sam’s Yams don’t contain any highly processed ingredients, non-food components, or leading allergens such as wheat gluten, corn, starch, plastics, polymers, animal by-products, animal digest, or rendered animal meat or fat.  They are simply pure, chewy, nutritious sweet potato – USA-sourced, and made right up in Wisconsin. So stop by any Two Bostons store and ask one of our Team Members for a sample. We’re betting your pup will become a huge fan, just like Hunter!











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