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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products


Awhile back, we talked about the dangers of traditional rawhide, and the ways product packaging and marketing can sometimes obscure questionable ingredients and practices that might place our pets in jeopardy. We also discussed some of the well-documented risks of pet chews and pet chew ingredients sourced from China – and the fact that these products are still being sold in the U.S.

Many dogs experience extremely adverse reactions when they ingest these types of products – with symptoms that extend all the way from troubling skin allergies and digestive issues to life-threatening organ failure. But it’s hard to know where to find safer products that you can feel comfortable feeding your pet. A blog we posted recently talked about some safe and healthy alternatives we carry at Two Bostons, including Bully Sticks, Sam’s Yams and Himalayan Dog Chews – and now, there’s yet another surprising new alternative.

We don’t see many alligators and crocodiles here in Illinois. Sure, some of us may have been adventurous enough to try alligator-on-a-stick at Naperville Ribfest  — but in most cases, that’s been our only encounter. So you might be interested to learn that crocodile meat is extremely high in antioxidants, Omega 3, Omega 6, and essential fatty acids; contains more protein than chicken; and is naturally lower in fat that a lot of other meats such as beef and pork.

Barkworthies recently began introducing Midwestern pups to these superior health benefits with Crocodile Bones. These tasty, durable, strip-shaped chews are made from all-natural Australian crocodile, with NO preservatives, NO chemicals, NO antibiotics, and NO added hormones. They’re extremely palatable to most pooches, and a great source of naturally-occurring antioxidants. They’re also fully digestible, so you can feel comfortable letting your pup chow down on the entire chew.

Crocodile Bones

Barkworthies Crocodile Bones capture all the superior health benefits of natural Australian crocodile meat in one safe and tasty chew!


Plus, here’s more good news: Crocodile Bones contain glucosamine and chondroitin, nutrients which help to lubricate joints and support overall joint health. They’re also sturdy and long lasting, so they provide important dental benefits like tartar removal, plaque build-up prevention, and natural gum massage that can help minimize vet visits and reduce vet bills (after all, remember that February is National Pet Dental Health Month!).

Perhaps most importantly, Crocodile Bones are a treat you can give your dog with confidence. Barkworthies makes a wide variety of premium-quality, eco-friendly, all-natural dog chews and treat sticks, including bully sticks and elk antlers. Their ingredients are exclusively sourced from the United States, South America, and Australia – in fact, many Barkworthies products contain only a single ingredient , thereby eliminating worrisome, hard-to-pronounce mystery additives. Throughout the entire production process, the company’s treats and chews are regulated and tested by both the FDA and USDA. That means they’re continually inspected, sorted, and counted by hand to ensure safety and give all of us pet parents added peace of mind.

And here’s the best news of all: we now carry 12-ounce bags of Barkworthies Crocodile Bones at our Two Bostons stores! We can already tell that our customers love them, because they’re practically flying off the shelves. So stop by today and ask any Team Member for assistance. If we’re temporarily sold out, we’re always more than happy to do a special product request for you and your best furry friend!

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