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Hi guys — it’s another blog from the Cat Corner! Some of us at Two Bostons are true “cat ladies.” Not crazy, thankfully — but pretty enthusiastic when it comes to creative new toys. The Glide ‘N Seek by Kong is another one that my cats at home have tried.

The Glide ‘N Seek features a little magnetic feather that seems to come alive once the toy’s motor is turned on. This feather spins and bounces unpredictably, so cats are attracted to the movement as it pokes through the toy’s peek-a-boo holes. Cats use their paws to bat at the feather — but since it moves in all different directions, most cats start trying to hunt it, chase it, and pounce!



The Kong Glide ‘N Seek, with those pesky feathers playfully poking out.

I’ll admit that it took my cats a few tries to get the hang of it, as you’ll see in the videos below. At first they liked the toy just sitting there turned off, and played with it like that. But they needed just a little more mental stimulation to hold their interest — and this is where the moving yellow feather came in. Cats are naturally attracted to movement, and they can never figure out where that feather will pop up next. Faced with a situation like that, it doesn’t take long for a cat’s predatory instincts to kick in. The magnets keep the chase challenging, so your cat stays engaged even when you have housework, homework, or other projects to focus on.

The Glide ‘N Seek is also easy for nearly anyone to operate, because it turns on and off with the press of a single button. You can even boost the curiosity factor by inserting a favorite toy, so your cat will paw at it through the holes. Here’s a video of Hunter and LuLu playing with the Glide ‘N Seek. Please ignore the background noises — but notice those focused looks on their faces! Stop by any Two Bostons store, and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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