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Dog for Dog is an all-natural pet food and treat company with a driving mission to help dogs in need. For every single Dog for Dog product purchased, the company donates a second product to one of these deserving canines. It’s called the “Buy One/Give One” program. The company’s goal is to deliver pure, natural nutrition to dogs at every life stage, in every situation, everywhere.

All-natural DOGSBUTTER is one of Dog for Dog’s most popular products – and why doesn’t that surprise me? After all, nearly all pups adore peanut butter … and USA-made, USA-sourced DOGSBUTTER takes peanut butter to a brand new plateau. It’s basically peanut butter, pumped up (see our previous blog post from Heather and her adorable Corgi girls here)! There are actually three varieties of DOGSBUTTER. Each one is completely free of sugar, salt, soy, artificial ingredients, and hydrogenated oils. Each one is also chock-full of protein and inflammation-calming Vitamin E:

1) DOGSBUTTER with Flaxseed contains nothing but all-natural peanuts, golden flaxseed for a healthy Omega-3 boost, and palm fruit oil. Palm fruit oil comes from the fleshy part of the fruit rather than the kernel, and is rich in monounsaturated or “good” fats. It contains only half the saturated fat of the more popularly used palm kernel oil.

2) DOGSBUTTER Skin & Coat also adds coconut to support supple skin and nice, thick fur growth.

3) DOGSBUTTER Immunity & Digestion adds not only coconut but also ginger, to help keep pup tummies calm and happy.

Now here’s possibly the best part of all: With every single jar of DOGSBUTTER purchased, Dog for Dog donates an all-natural, nutritious meal to a precious pooch in need. What a fantastic way to help nourish and sustain a sweet homeless dog who desperately deserves some pure, healthy TLC.

Here are just a few yummy ways we’ve used DOGSBUTTER in our house. Tell us about some of your own!

  • *Make peanut butter popsicles to cool your pup down. We just mix water or rice milk with small spoonfuls of Dogsbutter in the compartments of an ice cube tray or in tiny paper cups, then freeze. Sometimes we even add a Bully Stick or one of the Sam’s Yam Bichon Fries as a tasty edible “handle.” These pops keep in the freezer indefinitely, and Grant and Maizy go crazy for them after a long hike or a morning run.
  • *Hide a pill in some refrigerated Dogsbutter, which molds around the pill’s shape to hide it completely. Our pups are so busy inhaling that they don’t even realize there was any medication involved.
  • *Use it to stuff empty raw bones or Kong toys. A little goes a very long way, because Grant and Maizy spend hours trying to get at every last bit.
  • *Help with toothbrush training by initially massaging a new pup’s gums with a tiny bit of Dogsbutter on your index finger. They’ll focus on the yummy taste, and — once they get used to having you touch their teeth — you can move on to a finger brush with a little dab of toothpaste.
  • *Drizzle it over kibble for picky eaters. BOOM. Food all gone.

Don’t forget that all of our Two Bostons stores collect almost-empty peanut butter and DOGSBUTTER jars, which we then donate to area shelters and rescues so their adoptable pups can have a tasty, protein-packed snack as well! So next time you stop by, drop off your almost-empties and pick up a new jar or two of yummy DOGSBUTTER. That way, multiple dogs will have YOU to thank!



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