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With summer just around the corner, our canine friends are itching to get outside – and so are we! After all, who can blame us after that terrible winter we just had? While trips to the dog park and getaways to the lake house are fun ways to enjoy the warmer weather, they can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if you’re not keeping your pet properly hydrated.

Just like us, pets need water to keep cool and to regulate their temperature. In fact, hydration is even more important for a dog, because – unlike us humans – dogs don’t have sweat glands distributed over their entire body surface. Most canine sweat glands are, in fact, located around their foot pads. So when your dog is overheated, he can only cool himself down by perspiring through his paws, or by panting through his mouth.

That’s why cooling water is crucial – and it’s never a good idea to head out into the heat and just assume you’ll stumble across a clean communal water source. You never know if standing water has been contaminated by other animals, or overheated in the scorching sun. Plus, many dogs tend to avoid water that comes from an unknown source or a stranger — so getting them to drink under these circumstances can be a hassle. Though on the other hand, we pet parents can’t be expected to walk around with fresh water at all times … can we?

Actually, we can – thanks to my absolute favorite go-to water source for Shenzi (left photo, below) during the warm spring and summer months: the Gulpy Water Dispenser by Kyjen. You fill up Gulpy just like a regular bottle, but the cap has a long connected tray that folds up against the bottle for easy storage. When your pet is thirsty, just open the tray, squeeze to release the water, and offer it up to your pet! Once you’re on the move again, just toss the extra water out of the tray and fold it up, so there’s no mess.  It’s super-portable, and the convenient side clip makes it easy to attach to a bag, backpack, or purse. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unexpected leaks since water won’t come out unless you squeeze it. Gulpy gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a convenient way to get Shenzi her water on the go (even if she’s more focused on the other dogs at the dog park)! It comes in a small and large size, with the large size being slightly smaller than your average Aquafina water bottle. I recommend the Gulpy Water Dispenser to any pet parent who comes in asking for portable containers or collapsible bowls.

Gulpies and Dexas

Pups like Shenzi (left) can stay hydrated anywhere with the fold-up Gulpy Water Dispenser or popular “popware” pet bowls from Dexas. These portable bowls pop open when you need them, then fold flat like a Frisbee so they’re easy to tote.

But speaking of collapsible bowls, that’s another awesome option we recommend for thirsty pups! Dexas makes a line of safe, durable silicone “popware” pet bowls that collapse down flat for easy traveling. They also come with handy clips to attach them to your backpack or purse. These portable pop-up bowls are perfect when you prefer to give your pet water from a fountain or your own bottle during an activity break. Plus, they can be used to hold food as well – say, when you want to grab some Sweet Spots ice cream cups for your dog on your walk around Downtown Naperville!

Both of these compact, convenient watering options can be found right here at Two Bostons, and they’re excellent ways to keep your pup cool and hydrated in the bright spring and summertime sun. Be sure to stop in and pick one up … then get back out there and enjoy this beautiful weather!


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