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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Ever notice that certain canines just have a unique shape that’s tricky to fit? This isn’t such spectacular news as we face what’s predicted to be another horrible Chicago winter. When the weather outside turns frightful, pups of nearly every shape and size need a little extra help staying warm and protected. Did you know, though, that one of the best-fitting pet coats available is also one of the warmest?

Ranked #1 by Whole Dog Journal for superior design and fit, Apache River Coats are made from Polar Fleece 300 – the most insulating variety – then lined and bound with four-way-stretch Lycra Spandex so they hug your pet like a second, streamlined layer of fur. What’s surprising is that they’re also incredibly lightweight and breathable, to avoid overheating. Apache River Coats are offered in 19 sizes, and you can also have them custom-tailored for even the hardest-to-fit hound (YES, we can embroider them with your pup’s name, too)!

Here’s something else I especially love about Apache River Coats: they’re a cinch to take on and off. If you have a skittish or touch-shy breed at home, you know what a huge help this is. The special neckline keeps the chest area fully covered, and prevents the coat from riding down in the snow. Rear leg stirrups hold the coat in place, but you can easily snip these loops right off if your runner-and-romper prefers it.


These coats are made in the U.S.A. by an Arkansas company with 25 years of experience hand-crafting top-of-the-line mane/tail tamers and saddle jackets for championship horses. In other words, these guys know a little something about keeping animals cozy-warm and dry while preventing overheating! So if you’re looking for a dog coat that’s:

  1. Made of insulating, stretchy, body-hugging material
  2. Crafted in the U.S.A
  3. Lightweight and moisture-resistant
  4. Highly breathable
  5. Fully lined and bound with black Lycra Spandex
  6. Super-easy to put on and take off
  7. Available in custom-fitted sizes
  8. Offered in 19 standard sizes (even LONGS!) and 10 great colors

… stop by any Two Bostons store today! We’re even offering a custom-fitting event at our 75th Street Naperville store on 9/27; at our Downtown Naperville store on 9/28; and at our Burr Ridge store on 10/4. These coats sell out extremely fast, so don’t miss it!

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