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Do you have a dog that loves to play with just about any ball-shaped object? Will he run and fetch till he’s totally exhausted? My son’s dog Buck, a 110 lb chocolate Lab, will chase a ball until he can’t even stand up – and then he lies down with the ball next to him. The problem with having such a lively dog is that any ball used during his fetching sessions tends to end up destroyed before long. Well, we have found a super-durable solution to the problem: the Unbreakoball by Ardwin Products.

Unlike tennis balls, which have numerous dangers as discussed in a previous blog, the Unbreakoball is made right here in the United States of high-density polyethylene plastic … also known as a really, really tough material. As a matter of fact, it’s so tough the manufacturer actually warranties the Unbreakoball against breakage. Another great thing about the Unbreakoball is that it is available in two different sizes. There’s the original 6″ diameter Unbreakoball, which is 3 times larger than a baseball and recommended for dogs under seventy pounds. Then there’s the 10″ diameter “Big Daddy” size. This is the same size as a basketball, and great for your bigger pups. Both sizes are too large to get lodged between your pup’s teeth — or even worse, caught in his throat.

The Ubreakoball is designed with holes drilled through the ball and spaced at intervals — perforated, kind of like a wiffle ball. This makes it just about impossible for any dog to bite through. At first, most pups will have fun pushing the ball around with their noses and swatting it with their paws. But after a bit of practice, they’ll learn to pick up the Unbreakoball – and once they’ve picked it up, they won’t be able to exert the jaw pressure required to go through it. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean your Unbreakoball will remain in pristine condition. Take, for example, Buck with his Unbreakoball. He’s definitely given it his best shot over the past six months, but the worst he’s been able to do is scratch it up (and collect a little bit of backyard mud and grass along the way).




One last thing: If your arm should tire out from throwing the Unbreakoball before your pup grows tires of playing with it – a likely scenario — the holes are just the right size to let you insert a few tasty treats. This will keep your dog busy and happily entertained while you grab yourself a well-earned, ice cold drink.

If you have questions or would like to check out the Unbreakoball for yourself, just stop by one of our stores with your favorite canine companion. I can usually be found at our Springbrook location, but anyone on our Team would be more than happy to help!

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