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You know we love to scour the planet to find the newest and most fun toys for your pooch. We also know how important durability is to you.

Well, check this out:


It’s the UnBreakOBall!

This toy is virtually indestructible. It’s made in the USA of a non-toxic, high density polyethylene plastic (which makes it 100% recyclable). It is super durable and weather resistant and has a really great easy grip pattern all over the ball so your dog can grab hold. And, it is a lovely shade of bright orange…so you’ll never lose it!

We carry the UnBreakOBall in two sizes, the larger one is perfect for dogs 65 pounds and up and the smaller one is great for dogs 65 pounds and under. You could even put some small treats or kibble in the holes and watch the fun begin with this toy!

When you pick up this toy, you will notice how lightweight yet solid it is. The large UnBreakOBall is seriously one of the best toys around for large breed dogs. It’s also a great toy for any dog who destroys things in a matter of seconds. The grip pattern makes it easy to play with and very tough to destroy.

Check out this video and see how much enjoyment this pooch gets from playing with this toy:

Looks like hours of fun are in store to me! So head on over to either of our store locations and pick up your very own UnBreakOBall before they are gone. Your dog will thank you!

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