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When I moved Diesel over to a healthier diet, one of the first foods I tried was Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried. Here is the deal with this little bag of raw goodness.

A. It is EXACTLY like the raw frozen Stella & Chewy’s patty


2. It is EXACTLY NOT like the raw frozen Stella & Chewy’s patty

How can that be?

Well, it’s simple really. It is the exact same patty (and I do mean the exact one) but the process of freeze drying makes it amazingly easy to handle.

I’m talking like you-open-the-bag-and-you-have-lift-off-easy-to-handle.

For real. It truly doesn’t get easier to feed raw than this nifty product.

  • Forget having to remember taking your frozen patties out hours ahead of time.
  • Forget dealing with breaking up the meat (those of you who don’t eat or handle much meat, like myself, will appreciate this).
  • Forget having to change your form of feeding when you leave town so your sitter will feed your dog.
  • Forget having to bring a cooler with when you are traveling for your raw patties.
  • Forget hitting the gym so you can lift those heavy bags of frozen raw patties. (Well, you should still hit the gym, but just not to bulk up in order to pick up raw food.)

All those things are in the past!

Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried patties can be fed right out of the bag. In a bowl, like a treat, on a boat, with a fox… oh, wait, never mind.

They crumble nicely and you can add them as a topper over kibble to enhance the flavor or add more protein. Fed that way, they can help your dog gain a bit of weight if needed.

They are processed very minimally and very healthy for your dog. And, if my assistant is any indication, your dog is going to L.O.V.E. them. In fact, there he is right there…say hi Diesel!

He says hi.

I also wanted to let you know that the fine folks over at Stella & Chewy’s take their food safety seriously. Each bag has this printed on the back:

Their facility has a crazy, super powerful air purifier AND they take all their equipment apart EVERY. NIGHT. to wash and sterilize. SO you can be sure you are giving your dog the highest quality raw food on the market.

And look here…

a lot number on every single bag, so that the fine folks over at Stella & Chewy’s can keep track of all their goodies.

So, if you’ve been skirting around trying raw for a while now, or if you are a tried and true raw food feeder, head on over to either store and stock up! You will not be disappointed.

Another reason we love Stella & Chewy’s is they give us the opportunity to give back! And, during the entire month of April, any bag of Stella & Chewy’s you purchase (freeze dried, raw, and treats) we will be donating 6% to Chicagoland Lab Rescue! So hurry in so you can help out and thanks!

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