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I hope you had a chance to check out yesterday’s blog post about the Mighty Moose and the x-brace toys. If not, check it out here.

Today, I’m going to show you a few more new finds from Hugglehounds.

This is Billy the Alligator:

He is ferocious. Ferociously fun that is! He is a great interactive toy. His belly has fabric that is actually infused with latex for durability:

He squeaks:

right up there in his mouth. It’s a good squeak, not a really high pitch at all.

And, he’s a puppet!!

(yes, that’s my arm in his belly)…you could also put an empty plastic water bottle in there for a crinkly effect. He’s sure to keep your pal happy for a long time.

Speaking of crinkly things, check out these new flat toys from Hugglehounds:

The entire length of their bodies is a crinkle fest! And since they are from Hugglehounds, you know they are durable. Plus the plaid pattern is just adorable!

Check out the side view:

They are a great length and really flat, so if you have a pooch that loves to rip out stuffing, this is a great option for you. And since all crinkle and no squeak would not be fun, there is a squeaker in each of the legs and one in the head. You’re welcome dogs. You’re welcome.

Fabric toys not your thing? Check out this Owl and Puffer Fish!

They come in two sizes and are made of Hugglehounds ruff-tex material. Ruff-tex is a thick and flexible, 100% natural rubber product.  Eyes and noses are painted with safe colorings, making the whole product non-toxic to your dog.  The super-loud squeaker makes for lots of fun.

Plus, the Puffer Fish has a cute behind:

So be sure to come to either of our Two Bostons locations today and check out these (and all) new Hugglehounds toys. Your pooch will thank you!

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