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A couple blogs back, we talked about some of the more unpleasant, unhealthy, and/or inhumane details associated with modern rawhide production. Some of us may consider these details, and wonder if there are safer options for our pets. The good news is, there are in fact a wide range of safe, natural treats for pups who just looove to chew (you guys know who you are). At my house, one alternative we especially like is the Himalayan Dog Chew.

Himalayan Dog Chews are made from a generations-old Himalayan recipe. They contain the milk of yaks and cows, plus a little bit of salt and lime juice. No really, I mean that’s it. Technically they’re not all that different from a simple, authentic type of cheese enjoyed for centuries by the people of Nepal. This was created to be a long-lasting, energy-producing snack that farmers and field workers could gradually work in their mouths while laboring for long hours at 15,000-foot elevations.


Based upon a traditional recipe that originated in Nepal, Himalayan Dog Chews are completely natural, long-lasting, and a great source of energy.


So the chews don’t contain any added chemicals or preservatives -– they’ve simply been allowed to harden naturally, and my dog Maizy can tell you firsthand that this results in one mighty durable chew. Depending upon the size and chewing habits of your pooch, Himalayan Dog Chews may be one of the more long-lasting pet chews you’ll actually encounter. Maizy -– who has the docile face of an innocent puppy, masking a set of massive canine chompers that look like they belong in the mouth of Cujo -– often needs to work at her Himalayan Dog Chew for quite some time, gradually softening it before tiny pieces slowly erode away. For a dog like Maizy (who can — and has — quite nonchalantly chewed through area rugs, doormats, and brand new rain boots in a mind-blowing matter of minutes), the Himalayan Dog Chew represents more than mere entertainment. It’s an all-out chewing vendetta that demands her most focused gnawing efforts. And this means she stays AWAY from my throw pillows. Pet parents of aggressive chewers (you guys know who you are) understand that this type of discovery is often cause for a quiet little Snoopy dance of celebration, perhaps locked away in the laundry room where your dog isn’t able to see you.

Himalayan Dog Chews are made by a consortium of about 900 farmers in the Himalayas of Nepal. Each of these farmers milks their cows and yaks every day, using a traditional method that doesn’t depend upon modern milking equipment. Their cattle are fed all-natural forest leaves and pasture grasses. These farmers must collect approximately 6 gallons of milk to make two pounds of Himalayan Dog Chews. On average, each farmer produces about 20 pounds per month.

This milk is boiled for 4-5 hours, then poured into a hand-cranked centrifuge device that removes the fat (which is used separately to make butter and ghee). Each 100 gallons of cooled, de-fatted milk is then treated with 10 ml of lime juice and 10 mg of salt. The mildly acidic lime juice coagulates the milk, with the salt expediting the process. The resulting solids are separated using burlap, which is bathed in warm water several times to remove traces of whey, salt, and lime juice. These solids are formed into cakes that are cut to size and then smoked for 2-3 months before being further cleaned and then buffed to a hard, smooth finish.

Besides being all natural, free of chemical residues, and generally very long-lasting, Himalayan Dog Chews are also completely digestible (though keep in mind that it’s always wise to supervise your dog with any type of chew). We love the fact that they don’t have an odor and won’t stain the carpet. They also remove plaque build-up from our pups’ teeth and provide a safe, high-quality, nutritious source of energy. Maizy would love to tell you more, but she’s utterly preoccupied with her chew at the moment (yyyyyay!).

So in the meantime, ask anyone on the Two Bostons Team to tell you more about Himalayan Dog Chews – and also their super-yummy counterparts, Yaky Nuggets, Yaky Puffs, and Yaky Yams. They’re available in a variety of package sizes to suit almost any dog’s chewing needs.


Ask a Two Bostons team member to tell you more about any of the Himalayan Chew products, including all-natural Yaky Nuggets, Puffs, and Yams.



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