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Growing up, I was POSITIVE that unicorns existed. I was positive. I even still have a statue that I saved up for and bought with my own money when I was a girl. It lives in the back corner of my china cabinet to this day.

Okay, I’m probably a bit of a nerd…but I did believe. In no small part because of the fact that my mother encouraged me. Didn’t we all have those fairy tales that our parents encouraged?

That’s probably the reason I love, love, love the new “My Parents LIED About” line of toys we just got in from Might Toys.

They just crack me up! An alien, a minotaur, a unicorn, a mermaid and a leprechaun…who wouldn’t love one of these imaginary creatures?

And these squeaky plush toys are durable! I can even bring one home for Diesel, who makes it his business to tear plush toys to smithereens. It’s like a job…no a calling for him.

The way Mighty Toys create these plush toys includes stitching together multiple layers of flexible materials. There are no hard edges because the seams are on the inside of the toy…so there is little to promote chewing. Plus, the toy comes with a heavy fleece lining which creates a strong core to hold the body together. That means you can play tug with these guys and they will hold up.

Each design has it’s own durability rating like this:

Some of this line are a 7 and some are an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, making these a really durable choice for a plush toy. As always, no to is completely indestructible; however, these are really, really tough. And, they are machine washable and float.

We’ve got the larger line for dogs above 20 pounds and the junior line for dogs under 20 pounds…so you can indulge your sense of whimsy and find the perfect imaginary friend for your pooch! Come in and catch one before they disappear (pun intended) 🙂

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