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I want to talk to you today about Ruffhides…an excellent toy that we have been eagerly awaiting. Diesel was introduced to the Ruffhide toy in February, and we’ve been actively playing with it ever since!

What is the Ruffhide?

It is the answer to your prayer! Trust me!

If you have a dog who plows through chews in record speed, this is YOUR toy! Diesel can get through a Himalayan Chew in about five to ten minutes…and a Bully Stick even quicker. While I love to treat him to these chews, I worry about how quickly he eats them.

Until now.

The Ruffhide is a safe-to-chew natural rubber material that wraps around a dog chew, and it will considerably slow your dog’s roll on Himalayans and Bully Sticks.


And, by slow your roll, I mean it took Diesel a week to finish this Himalayan. One. Week. Completely blew me away.

Made in the USA with your dog’s health and safety in mind, Ruffhides help:

  • Promote good dental health
  • Extend the life of your pet’s chews
  • Protect your carpet and upholstery by keeping gooey chews from coming into contact with surfaces

Looking for Ruffhides that are just right for your delicate teacup poodle or your grizzly bear-sized Newfie?  You are covered as they come in three different sizes.


And we keep things interesting for pets and their people with three vibrant colors—super blue, lime green and deep pink.

We carry them pre-filled with either a Himalayan Chew or a Pizzle Chew… so it’s a great value!

And, clearly, my dog can’t wait to get ahold of it…he didn’t even mind that I got him the pink one 😉


I’ve had the Ruffhide since February, and it still looks brand new. This is what it looks like today, May 30, 2013:



This is an extremely durable toy that your dog will really enjoy. If you want to see it in action, check out this video:

Head over to one of our stores and pick one up today!


Stacey Snyder
May 30, 2013

OMG! I am so trying one of these for Suki (pink of course). She blows through the bravo bully sticks. The girl can chew!

Jean Hammershaimb
May 30, 2013

Great idea. Posey our Cocker Spaniel is wild about her new ‘toy’. Keeps her actively engaged and happy for long periods of time.

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