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Are you familiar with the Fluff & Tuff line of plush toys?

These are one tough plush toy! This plush dog toy has double stitched concealed seams along with thick mesh under layers to make it durable against your tougher chewer. The plush material is non-toxic and the eyes are stitched. There are no hard edges at all. Plus a stitched pouch inside the Fluff & Tuff toys holds the durable squeaker.

They have no small pieces that are easily chewed off and stand the test of time. Beamer has had the Gator for a whole year and it is still going strong.

Fluff & Tuff toys come in many shapes and sizes…so there is sure to be one for your chewing machine! Stop by Two Bostons today and check them out. Or take a look at some of the cute Fluff & Tuff’s we offer and order one right now. 🙂

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