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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

So, as you know, we’ve been going to a bunch of trade shows looking for cool new items to bring to you for your pets. And, while we were at one, we ran into this awesome company from California called PrideBites. You know how much we LOVE to giveback to the community and dogs in need. And, you’ll never guess what! The guys from PrideBites LOVE to giveback to the community and dogs in need too! They donate a portion of their profits every time they sell their toys.

We initially stopped to talk to them because of that, but we stayed to talk to them because of their awesome toys!

Which is why you can now get this awesome mustache for your furry friend!

And this squirrel:

And this steak:

And this bone:

Which is super amazingly awesome because it (wait for it)…

GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!! How cool is that?

These plush toys are durable. They are made with two layers of a special fleece with a “rip stop technology” sewn between the layers. The core is a light-weight foam THAT FLOATS, and the squeakers are sewn into pouches and then sewn into the toys.

These toys are great for dogs that are 15 pounds or more and, these babies are fully machine washable! Bonus!

So, head on over to either of our stores and check out these great toys today. You can pick one up for your pooch for $14.99 and know that you have helped a dog (yours) have fun and helped a dog (through PrideBites) in need. Who can ask for anything better than that?

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