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The snow is officially gone and your yard is…well, let’s just agree that your lawn isn’t looking its most lush, shall we?

And those burnt spots of grass…you thought those were seasonal? They are. Every season, that is.

How is it possible that your dog is burning your lawn year round? Well, it’s not due to an imbalance of PH as you might think. It is nitrogen.

Excessive nitrogen from water in the urine to be specific.

And guess what? One of the main ingredients in lawn fertilizer is nitrogen. Being creatures of habit, your dog likes to relieve him/herself in the same spots time and again. Doing so is akin to dumping a handful of fertilizer over and over again in the same spots ~ thereby burning your lawn.

So how can you fix the problem?

Well, one way is to get your pooch on a higher quality food so that they are processing their nutrients correctly.

The other way is with these:

Dog Rocks.

You heard me! Dog Rocks.

Dog Rocks are really real rocks. No fooling. They are quarried in Australia, and are a safe, non-toxic, all natural remedy to yard burns.

How do you use them?

Well, you don’t scatter them around your yard if that is what you are thinking. You put them in your dog’s water dish and they drink as usual.

Yes, it’s that easy.

They work by binding the excess nitrogen in the drinking water giving your dog a better quality of drinking water (which will actually help your lawn ~ remember the main ingredient in fertilizer?) The rocks contain zeolite traces which are often used in aquariums to filter water safely and naturally.

They are simple to use. Open the bag, rinse the rocks off, place in your dog’s water dish and top off the water to refill rather than start fresh every time.

They will work if your dog drinks from a Drinkwell too. Simply put them in back, under the reservoir.

Have a dog that loves to take them out and play with them? Or a sloppy drinker and you wash your bowl every day? No problem! Simply fill a pitcher with water and put the rocks in there. That way you can use the water from the pitcher every time you fill the bowl and you will still be able to reap the benefits of the rocks.

They work rather quickly…usually within the first 24 hours you will notice your pet will stop leaving new lawn burns. (This does not mean that your current brown patches will go away overnight…you will still have to nurse those back to health, but you won’t have any NEW burns to deal with!)

Dog Rocks are safe for any pet sharing your dog’s water source (such as cats, rabbits, etc.). And, as I said before, they are all natural. No yeast like in other lawn burn prevention products. Landscapers have been known to endorse Dog Rocks since, with the appropriate level of nitrogen, your dog’s urine can actually help your lawn (remember the fertilizer again?)

We carry Dog Rocks in two package sizes. The small package is a 2 month supply and the large package is a 6 month supply. You should use the rocks year round too, since your dog will continue to burn your lawn in every season…you just don’t always see your lawn!

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