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I hope you came by Yappy Hour last night and enjoyed yourself!

Here is Tip Number 8:

Put your best paw forward and ALWAYS look stylish!
It’s super fun and keeping up with “today” helps keep a gal young.
Right now I am sporting the fun and funky Red Dot collar, leash and harness from Paw Paw and loving it! Don’t I look fabulous?
I love how my whole ensemble matches. It makes me feel so pretty and I can’t wait to go on my walks because the material is just so comfortable. (There is not one bit of skin irritation or, ahem, unsightly chaffing.)
I know my Mom and Dad have a terrific variety of very beautiful (or manly if that is your thing) leashes, collars and harnesses. Stop on in the store to check them out. Or, if you can’t do that, you can click here and see how cool they are. (My Dad will ship them to you anywhere if you want one!)
Thanks for stopping by today. I am getting so excited about my party. I know my Mom has some wonderful treats (for people and pets) in store, as well as some fun games and prizes. I hope you can make it! I’ll be back tomorrow with tip number 7.
Until then,
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