Fluff & Tuff Monty the Python

Monty the Python by Fluff & Tuff

If you’re ready for a toy that’s completely different, you’ll want to meet Monty the Python from Fluff and Tuff toys! This charming constrictor is known for his offbeat hisssterical sense of humor and hugs that are just a little too tight. He’s content to eat spam lovely spam all day, and tends to swallow his food whole without chewing it or even bothering to taste it (much like some dogs we know).

If you’re looking for a soft toy made for tugging games, you may have found the holy grail of plushes. Monty is a super-soft ultra-plush very large 38” long snake. Inside is a durable thick mesh inner Tuffweb™ liner and new non-toxic polyester fiber stuffing. All seams are generously folded, then double stitched so they’re concealed. Monty’s eyes are also stitched, so there’s no hard edges or plastic pieces to swallow, and he’s safe to play with. Monty has not one but two large durable squeakers each secured inside its own stitched fabric pouch, making him so much fun to squeeze!

Please supervise your dog's playtime; as while these toys are very durable, they are still a plush toy and therefore not indestructible.

Size: 38 inches long.

If you want to learn more about these toys, head on over to our Two Bostons' Pet Blog and check out our blog post on Fluff and Tuff dog toys!


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