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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products


Recently, as part of National Pet Dental Health Month, we posted a blog discussing the benefits of a raw diet when it comes to improving the oral health (not to mention the general health) of our dogs and cats. We received several great inquiries from readers who wanted to learn more. So in this blog, we’ll talk a bit more about transitioning to a raw diet — and also mention some of the brand NEW raw foods Two Bostons is adding to our already extensive selection.

First, if you’ve been thinking about transitioning your pet to a raw diet, there are a few things to keep in mind:

It’s extremely cost-effective.
Very often, allergies and ailments that our pets experience while on a commercial or kibble-based pet food diet tend to resolve (or greatly diminish) once a raw diet is in full effect. Why? Because raw diets are more consistent with the biological makeup of our canine and kitty friends, whose bodies need naturally occurring proteins, minerals, and enzymes to function optimally. Commercial pet food diets are loaded with fillers, artificial preservatives, and worrisome animal by-products that do not meet approval standards for human consumption. High-carb kibble diets are very heavy in starches and sugars while being low in natural proteins and enzymes. This often contributes to lethargy, skin and coat issues, “doggie breath,” thyroid problems, even diabetes and pancreatitis over time.

It’s extremely safe and environmentally friendly.
Commercially-prepared raw foods (such as products from Stella & Chewy’s) have some of the best and most consistent safety records on the market today. This is because many are produced in very controlled batches, and subject to stringent inspection practices that greatly minimize the incidence of things like Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter. These raw foods are made in USDA-certified facilities with extreme concern for cleanliness, humane treatment, and environmental impact.

It’s extremely easy.
Easier than you  probably think. Simply go slowly, as you would with any new dietary change. Puppies can often transition over the course of just a few days, while geriatric or ailing pets may require a few weeks. Just begin by replacing about 10% of your dog’s meals with raw food (you can fast your dog for a few hours prior to the first meal to ensure a strong appetite). Then, each day, replace another 10% of the original diet with the raw diet. If your pet rejects the food, or experiences stomach/gastric upset, simply slow the process down. Remember that one or two loose stools often signals nothing more than detoxification (a very beneficial thing), so just keep a close eye on your pet while the food transition is underway.

New Raw Foods

Two Bostons carries an extensive selection of raw foods, and our team members are specially trained to provide individualized dietary guidance. Ask about some of the great NEW foods we’re now carrying from these trusted brands!


Stella & Chewy’s is an all-time customer (and team member!) favorite that we’ve carried for quite some time. But in addition to all the terrific Stella & Chewy’s products you’ve come to know and love, we now carry frozen Dinner Morsels in a 4-pound bag. These super-convenient nuggets are tiny in size – so they’re ideal for pets of any age, even puppies and older dogs that might have trouble managing larger pieces. Better yet, they can be fed just like kibble if you like – simply pour them straight from the package into the bowl! Quick, easy, yummy, pure, super-nutritious.

Two Bostons now carries Raw Bistro at our Springbrook store, and we can order Raw Bistro products for you at any of our stores. Based in Minnesota, in the heart of a thriving sustainable agriculture area, Raw Bistro developed its raw food and treat formulas by partnering with a holistic vet and veterinary nutrition specialist. The company has built its reputation on a strong commitment to ecologically sound production methods, local sourcing, family farm support, and humane farm animal treatment. Raw Bistro uses organic and grass-fed meats that are naturally high in the protein, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes domesticated pets need to thrive. Locally grown ingredients travel only short distances, so they spend less time in shipping and storage containers to retain more of their natural freshness and nutrition. This also gives them a much smaller carbon footprint.

A true raw pet food pioneer! Our Two Bostons Springbrook store now carries 9.7 pound boxes of Steve’s Real Food products, and any of our stores can order Steve’s raw products for you. Steve’s Real Food has been making top-quality raw pet food since 1998. In fact, Steve’s was one of the very first companies in the industry to distribute raw meat dog food nationwide. Steve’s products contain an optimal balance of meat and vegetables to make raw feeding not only easy and tasty, but extra-affordable too. To enhance this affordability, Steve’s relies on word-of-mouth for much of its advertising; so expensive promotional costs are held to a minimum. The convenient “tater tot”-sized nuggets don’t require overnight defrosting, cutting, or mixing. That means they’re as easy to feed as kibble – just pour and serve. Plus, Steve’s is working toward being one of the first pet food makers fully committed to going green. Food is packaged in bags made from soy- and water-based inks, and in a municipal composting environment the bags naturally compost within 10-40 days.

We also now carry another amazing Steve’s product: Raw Goat Milk Yogurt! Packed with probiotics and loaded with vitamins and minerals, this cool and creamy treat can be fed as a snack or used as a yummy food topper to add raw nutrition to any dry or canned meal. It’s a fantastic immune booster & digestive aid, with carrier enzymes that allow for better assimilation of vitamins and nutrients. Steve’s Raw Goat Milk Yogurt is made from free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free goat milk; and also contains added chia for a powerful boost of Omega-3s, plus coconut flour for enriched protein and fiber content. Check out our recent blog on the numerous benefits of goat milk.

Stop by any Two Bostons store today if you’d like to learn more about our extensive selection of raw food products. Our team members are always happy to offer firsthand insights that can help you customize a feeding plan for your specific pet – and get your furry friend well on the way to better dental health, overall vitality, and a lifetime of wellness!