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Jessica Kraft's adorable dog, Roxy.

Jessica Kraft’s adorable dog, Roxy.

Two Bostons has added another friendly face to our downtown store! Jessica Kraft has joined our fantastic team to help us better serve our amazing customers. We’d love you to get to know her better by sharing some fun tidbits about her, including her dog Roxy’s favorite Two Bostons’ treat.





1.  At which Two Bostons store do you work? I work in the downtown Naperville location.


2.  What type of role do you play on the Two Bostons team? I am a Team Member.


3. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons? The amazing service I received as a customer! I knew I wanted to be a part of that kind of team.


4.  If you had to pick one top favorite Two Bostons product, what would it be … and why? Bully Sticks! My dog Roxy totally loves them!

Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks

5.  What’s your favorite type of pet, and why? Dogs! They are so expressive and emotional. It’s amazing to be so close to an animal you’ve nothing in common with, other than LOVE!


6.  Do you have any pets at home? Yes. My dog, Roxy, is a female shepherd mix who is about three years old. Roxy’s token characteristic is totally her giant, fluffy ears! When she perks those up, you can’t say no to her.


7. What can you tell us about your favorite activities? I love to sing. I’m in the choir at North Central College and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I’m originally from Springfield, Ill., and moved up to Naperville for school.


8.  Anything else you’d like people to know about you? I have two older sisters and a twin brother! I also have the best parents.


Come into Two Bostons’ downtown Naperville location and welcome Jessica to our spectacular team! While you are there, check out our full line of Bully Sticks, which are available in a variety of twists, braids and lengths!


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