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Did you know one of the most popular times of the year to add a new fur member to the family is the holidays? Did your family find a new addition under the tree?

Are you finding that you didn’t realize a new puppy could interrupt your sleep so much?

Yes, it’s true. They are like babies in that way…lucky they are so cute at 3AM 🙂

I want to show you the best thing we’ve found to help you with that…

It’s called a Snuggle Puppy, and it is your new best friend.

This awesome invention has a realistic sounding heartbeat and a heat pack, so new pup never feels alone. It simulates litter mates, or even mom. The Snuggle Puppy has no small parts to be chewed off, and is machine washable.

The heat packs last for up to 24 hours. The Snuggle Puppy comes with two, and we have replacement pack. They are a great convenience for when you are traveling.

You could choose to fill the reusable pouch with rice and warm it in the microwave, as well.

We also carry replacement batteries for the heart beat…so you’ll never run out of that loving sound for your pup.

The Snuggle Puppy is also great if your dog has recently had surgery or recently experienced the loss of a partner pet.

We have a great variety of Snuggle Puppies for you to choose from…so be sure to add one to your home today. Both you and your pup will be sleeping like babies before you know it!



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