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Let’s just get this out of the way: I am a pumpkin fanatic. I’m not sure when this happened, because I don’t remember loving pumpkin as a kid – but these days, I try to sneak it into everything I possibly can: pies, quick breads, side dishes, casseroles, ravioli, risotto, muffins, cookies, even yogurt. For me, enjoying Thanksgiving dessert is one of the high points of the holiday season (okay, the year).

So you can imagine how grateful I am that pumpkin is actually good for you. It has three grams of fiber per one-cup serving, and only 49 calories. It’s loaded with antioxidant-rich Vitamin A and beta carotene, energizing potassium and iron, plus Vitamin C. But did you know that it’s also wonderful for your dogs and cats? YES! It’s probably best they don’t eat an actual raw pumpkin, but canned, natural, unsweetened pumpkin; pumpkin seeds; and cooked fresh pumpkin have numerous benefits for our furry friends. The same goes for plain, pureed sweet potato. Specifically, these powerhouse foods can help “squash” (heh) a variety of pet-related issues and ailments and support the areas listed below:

Pets and Pumpkin

Pets seem to love pumpkin and sweet potato … so it’s good news that pumpkin and sweet potato love them right back!


Digestive Health: Thanks to their fiber content, pureed pumpkin and sweet potato (again, not pie filling, but the plain kind with no added sugar or spice, liked the canned variety made by Fruitables) can help dogs and cats with bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Adding a tablespoon or two to their regular meal (in proportion to your pet’s size) has been proven to help keep them regular. I can also tell you from extensive personal experience that either choice is very effective when it comes to calming upset stomachs in pups and kitties.

Food Transition: If you’re transitioning your dog to a different or healthier food, you definitely don’t want to risk upset tummies and/or messy stools. Fruitables Pumpkin Switch is a great transition aid that provides a calming digestive “buffer.” It calms the stomach and eases digestion to make the transition much easier. Simply add a spoonful or two to your pet’s bowl as you begin to include higher proportions of the new food.

Skin, Coat, and Urinary Health: Pumpkin seeds are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, so they help support overall healthy skin and fur. But according to several vets I’ve talked with, the oils in pumpkin and its seeds can help support urinary tract health over time as well.

Weight Management: My dogs love pumpkin almost as much as I do. So if I notice anyone in our “pack” becoming a teeny bit too plump, I simply reduce a portion of their daily breakfast and add in some plain canned pumpkin or sweet potato (such as Fruitables Sweet Potato SuperBlend). They love the flavor, it keeps them feeling full, and it can really help them shed those couple extra pounds.

If you’d like to learn more about the pet-related benefits of pumpkin or sweet potato, ask anyone on our Two Bostons team for their insights and suggestions. Don’t forget, too, that Fruitables and other reputable brands make a range of treats, snacks, and supplements featuring pumpkin and sweet potato.

Fruitables Options

Fruitables (and other brands) make a range of pet products containing healthy helpings of pumpkin and sweet potato. Just ask our Two Bostons team!


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