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If you ask Ronnie Dunn, the Boot Scootin’ Boogie Country Singer, he would tell you your dog could benefit from a supplement from your local Two Bostons. Want to know why a supplement can help you with your Scoot-a-Long Cassidy? Kayt here from Downtown Naperville telling you why…

If your pooch is scooting across the grass and the floor, it is a sign that something may be wrong. They are usually irritated in some way back there. The most common answer is swollen anal glands. Many of us go to the groomer to have them relieved. Many of you have asked what can we do to help? Here are at Two Bostons, we have a few supplements that can help you.

The first and my favorite, FIRM UP by Diggin your Dog.


It provides a healthy and whole fiber that you can rely on to be gentle, and effective. This product is made with Pumpkin and Apple fiber. The pumpkin is useful in aiding with ease of digestion as well as a great source of fiber.

Another option is Perfect Form, from The Honest Kitchen. We love this supplement for the same amazing reasons. It is all natural, supports intestinal health, and is great for cats and dogs!


Why Fiber? Fiber absorbs water and adds bulk. This will help harden the stool and help Fido with a healthy bowl movement which will squeeze and help drain the swollen anal glands.

Is it a cure for all of your scooting problems? Not all, but certainly most.

However, dogs scoot for many other reasons, matted fur, worms, among others. If you try adding fiber into your pet’s diet and the scooting continues, be sure to have a professional check out the situation.

If your dog has worms, they can be treated by your vet with a simple injection. There is something you can do at home to prevent worms too! Be diligent about flea and tick protection. We can help you with that too! Read Erica’s recent blog on her favorite preventatives we carry.

Please come by any Two Bostons to find out more about keeping your pooch bug free, happy, and doing a happy boogie rather than a scooting one. 🙂

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