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You’ve seen the freezers in our store filled with raw, meaty bones.  And, maybe you’ve danced with the idea of taking one home now and again. Or, maybe you buy one every once in a while as a treat for your furry friend.

Well, let me tell you ten reasons why you should be giving your dog a raw, meaty bone every week.

  1. Dogs are naturally carnivores and scavengers. They fed themselves on carcasses for centuries.
  2. Raw bones are an excellent source of glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium and collagen.
  3. Chewing, ripping and tearing at the raw meaty bones will keep teeth clean, naturally.
  4. Raw meaty bones create a very inhospitable environment for bacteria, they are easily digestible and have no carbohydrates, starches, or sugars to feed the bacteria.
  5. Raw  bones  rarely  splinter and  are  fully  digestible.
  6. Raw meaty bones are an excellent source of additional protein for dogs.
  7. A healthy digestive system and clean teeth means no bad breath.
  8. Healthy shine to the coat due to the availability of the  essential fatty acids in raw meaty bones.
  9. Chewing a raw meaty bone works muscles in the neck, back, and whole body that eating a kibble diet will never reach.
  10. Dog stool is smaller in volume and much less offensive when given a raw meaty bone.

Here are a few tips for you on how to give bones to your dog.

  1. If you have never given a raw bone, introduce it for 10 – 15 minutes per day for the first two days (put it back in the freezer in between giving it to your dog) to limit the possibility of diarrhea.
  2. Even if your dog is a very friendly and not aggressive, keep small children and other dogs away when giving a raw, meaty bone. Why? Because your dog WILL like the bone and WON’T want to share.  At. All.
  3. Raw bones are great outside; however, your dog can be trained to chew them on a towel or small area in your home, to alleviate the mess and allow for bone feedings year round.
  4. Your dog may bury the bone. Don’t dig it up. Again, see point #2.
  5. Stick to bones about the size of your dog’s head.

Stop by either store and talk to a team member today if you have any questions regarding raw bones.


[…] Raw bones are an amazing option on days where you need a little time to finish laundry or just need to give your dog some stimulation!  Not only do they last quite a while, but they really get your dogs neck, jaw and back muscles a workout! Read all about some great tips on Raw Bones from Meg’s recent blog here. […]

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