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Hey there! Liz here. I wanted to share with everyone one of my dogs favorite brand of toys, the Orbee-Tuff toys by Planet Dog.

Orbee-Tuff toys are all non-toxic, recyclable rubber toys and made here in the U.S.A. These toys come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. From footballs to baseballs, to plant earth shaped and to even bone shaped, there is one for any kind of dog.

Finding the most appropriate sized toy for your dog is the key when it comes to buying a new toy. This will ensure a long-lasting, safe toy. The back of your dog’s jaw is where they will do all the intense chewing. This results in a destroyed toy, which is sad for both you and your dog. But with the appropriate sized Orbee-Tuff toy, your dog can have hours on end of happy playing and chewing. Please remember, though, to always supervisor your dog while playing with toys and immediately take away at any sign of damage to the toy.

Not only is it important to find the appropriate size toy for your dog, but also the appropriate toughness of the toy. Each dog is different and plays differently with toys. Some more aggressive than others. That is why Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff toys come with a chew-o-meter. On each package underneath the name of the toy is a rating out of “chompers”.  Starting with the toughest, “5 out of 5 chompers” and going down from there.

“5 out of 5 chompers” are the perfectly round shaped you for the most aggressive chewers. This makes it harder for your dog to get a good grip on it. It comes in globe ball, diamond plate ball, baseball, tennis ball and golf ball. Perfect for the household that loves sports!

“4 out of 5 chompers” are a roundish shape and are made for those fairly aggressive chewers. This comes in fun shapes like the soccer ball, football and cute little raspberry (for that tiny dog).

“3 out of 5 chompers” are an en-longed shape and are for the average chewer. This comes in a great bone shaped toy, in both pink and blue.

If you see an Orbee-Tuff toy that does not have a chomper rating, this simply means that this toy is not intended for chewing. Instead it is meant for interaction play with your dog, like tugging or zooming.

I can’t forget to mention one of the most important perks to this toy. They are all mint flavored! Not only do they give off this great mint aroma, but its flavored for your pup as well. Come in and smell it for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

My American Bulldog Brock can be extremely tough on his toys, but the Orbee-Tuff sports line has been a great safe and fun option for him. And I’m sure the mint flavor is the icing on the cake for him too!


Vet Tech Ohio
August 14, 2012

Your blog has kept me motivated for the past months. If you make a new one, please let us know.


[…] Orbee-Tuff toys are all non-toxic, recyclable rubber toys and made here in the U.S.A. And our Team Member Liz’s bulldog Brock swears by them. You can read all about Brock and the chop rating Orbee toys have here. […]

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