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Hey Everyone!  Heather, Springbrook Manager, here ready to talk to you about Fromm’s Four Star Nutritional Line.

Many of you, I’m sure, have used or at least seen the Fromm line at both stores. It is the first dry food line you and I see every time we walk into Springbrook.

There are many reasons why Fromm is the first dry kibble on our shelves – Fromm is the world’s first and oldest family-owned and operated premium pet food company.  They are based in Wisconsin and are in their fourth generation of family ownership and operation.  Not only did Fromm introduce premium pet food to the public in 1949, they also introduced the first canine distemper vaccine in the 30’s!  Since the 40’s, Fromm has continuously been improving and refining their recipes.

Of the three different Fromm lines, we carry the Four Star Nutritionals Grain-Free which include Tunalini, Game Bird, Beef Frittata and Surf and Turf.  It’s usually best to change the protein source of the food that you are feeding your loved pups at home and Fromm has an interchangeable recipe.  They all have similar blends of fresh fruit and vegetables so you can even mix their dried food for a little change in your pup’s diet!

Fromm’s recipes contain only USDA-inspected ingredients and they prepare their dry recipes at their own USDA-inspected plant in Wisconsin.  Every delivery of raw ingredients is inspected by their team of quality control experts.  They also prepare their recipes in small batches to ensure the quality standards of their dry food by being able to inspect each batch from start to finish. Fromm also uses minimal processing in their foods including a low temperature, high moisture extrusion process to be sure that all starch is cooked, but no damage occurs to the proteins.

The last four points that I love about Fromm are:

  • The four we carry are Grain-Free including wheat, corn and by-product free
  • The meat and fish they utilize are free of hormones and medication
  • Their dry food contains no artificial or industrial preservative
  • They do not use any ingredients from China!!  All ingredients are sourced in the USA and all products are made in the USA!!

Stop by and pick up a bag of your favorite Fromm recipe and feel great feeding it to your dog! Fromm stands behind their high standards and quality of products, the four bags we carry at the store are completely grain free, and they are all Made in the USA! We carry the 4 lb, 12 lb and 26 lb bags and we would love to send you home with a top quality food that we support!

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